‘Deadly Class’ recap: Episode 1×08, “The Clampdown”

The truth comes out. Sort of.

Deadly Class season 1 episode 8, “The Clampdown,” aired 6 March 2019.

“Secrets got us into this, hanging on to bad feelings, not being honest, not trusting each other, all this back-biting and shit-talking and drama. You guys are the only family I’ve had since my folks died. And I can’t lose you.”

Sneaky Shabnam

Shabnam is a gossip and a suck-up, and he’s hoping it’ll gain him favor with the guild. He steals Marcus’s journal and shows it to Gao, who instructs him to watch everything Marcus does and report back to her. No one should trust the quiet ones.

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While in the hallway, Maria attempts to talk to Saya and let her know what happened with Yukio. But before she can, Juan comes over and tries to kill her, citing an order from El Diablo.

Tensions burst during lockdown

Because of Yukio’s death, Master Lin puts the whole school on lockdown, resulting in surprising combinations of people stuck in different rooms. Marcus is with Willie and Viktor, Maria with Juan and Brandy, Saya with Shabnam and Riku, and Petra with Lex and Billy. Both Riku and Juan are trying to convince their leaders to make a move on the other, and Brandy is helping.

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Maria doesn’t listen, and delivers a note to Marcus to tell Saya she wants a truce. Before Marcus can see it, Viktor takes it, reads it, and eats it. Marcus still tries to help, breaking out of the room and just reaching Saya’s before Master Lin catches him.

Meanwhile, the Petra, Billy, and Lex situation is becoming quite revealing, mentally and physically. Lex tells them about his family. He is the youngest of three sons, and his father was a dockworker.

While his father was kind and honest, his brothers weren’t, and they brought him on a job to steal from shipping containers with their father’s ID. They got caught by a guard, who ends up shot. But as they fled, Lex left his father’s ID on the ground, and is willingly arrested and serving a sentence for their crimes.

Mental torture with Master Lin

Lin brings Marcus to the school’s torture chamber. He hits him a few times with his cane, before turning to mental manipulation. Somehow, he got a bunch of video footage of Marcus’s childhood with his parents. Eyes wide and full of emotion, Marcus watches, vulnerable to Lin’s questioning.

Master Lin forces Marcus to keep watching when it changes to footage of them at the crime scene of their death. He threatens to send him back to the streets, taking away this strange family that he’s begun to create at King’s Dominion. Lin wants Marcus to know he can trust him.

So Marcus tells him the truth. About Las Vegas, Chico, Maria, Yukio, and all of it, though he leaves out his truth about the boy’s home and Chester.

Maria vs. Saya

Urged by Riko, and without Marcus to mediate, Saya is convinced to take out Juan. At lunch, she takes a makeshift knife and tries to attack him. At the same time, Maria is there to attack Saya, and they start fighting. They are quickly broken up by Gao, who lets Saya go, but takes Maria.

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Gao calls her a poison, a tumor to remove, and brings her to the torture room (quite a popular place). Gao sends Riku there to torment and kill Maria, but Saya saves her, proving that she really does care about her friend, but it isn’t enough for Maria.

Lin protects his students

Master Lin meets with El Diablo after talking to Marcus, and he keeps their secret. Lin tells him that Yukio was guilty, but Saya and the rest were not involved. Of course, El Diablo has trouble believing that, but I suppose they’re safe for now.

Almost threesome

While all this is going on, Petra’s giving Lex and Billy an ultimatum. She knows both of them have a crush on her, and she wants to have a threesome. What a convenient situation!

Of course, being teenage boys, Lex and Billy have some issues having sex with each other, despite what Petra’s offering. When she finally convinces them, the lockdown is declared over, and Petra hops out of there, hungry and happy to get away from all these feelings.

I guess Billy and Lex will have to try again later.

Revealing the truth

Marcus finally tells the whole group about his history with Chester and what’s been happening. Though he doesn’t reveal that he told Lin the truth. There’s a cute moment with Maria as she comforts him, but it quickly turns tense as he tells them that Chester has Chico’s body, and he’s given them a deadline that’s closing in fast.

Image: Katie Yu/SYFY

With Lex and Petra’s help, will they be able to stop Chester and get Chico’s body back? I guess we’ll see next week, as they organize their plan of attack.

Only two episodes left! Season one of Deadly Class airs on SYFY, Wednesdays at 10PM.

(Featured Image: Katie Yu/SYFY)


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