‘The Good Doctor’ 2×17: Moments from “Breakdown” that made us cry

The Good Doctor recap: Season 2, Episode 17, “Breakdown,” aired March 6, 2019.

Will this show ever not make me cry? Probably not. Let’s dig in!

Friendship and ethics

Dr. Lim’s patient is someone she knows very well — it’s one of her friends who brought in her newborn baby with complications. However, it’s not a happy reunion as Karly discovers the baby has signs of abuse. Lim is adamant that her friend would never hurt her baby and to try to find out if it’s something else. Karly grows aggravated with Lim, telling her this has to be out of her hands because of her relationship with the baby’s mom.

When the MRI comes back the same, Lim is forced to call the cops to arrest her friend. Her friend struggles, telling Lim she waited so long to have a baby and would never lay a hand on her. That was certainly a tricky situation for Lim to have been in.

However, Shaun finds something that shows the mom was, in fact, no abusing her baby. Thank goodness! Lim apologizes to her friend, and her friend tells Lim she never sees the positive in anything. She never wants to let love in. To be fair, Lim was just doing her job and saving the baby from a potentially dangerous situation. Maybe her friend was being a little too harsh.

Secret hook up exposed?

After Melendez and Lim see Shaun across the street after sharing a passionate liplock, (or should I say “making…bread”) they get a little paranoid. I don’t know, maybe don’t make out in public; therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone going to Andrews about your secret relationship.

Lim tries to coax it out of Shaun if he saw anything unusual on his walk to work this morning. Shaun, along with Karly, appears confused by Lim’s interest in what he saw that morning. It seems like Shaun has no idea about them, but Melendez and Lim still are paranoid that he’s just not admitting to what he saw.

Next comes Melendez to try to get anything from Shaun, and it was the most awkwardly hilarious scene I’ve ever seen. Melendez bluntly says, “I don’t have a girlfriend.” Shaun’s reaction would have literally been mine because he was like “uhhh okkkayyy.” Same, Shaun, same. So, the coast is clear. For now.

I am a surgeon

Han is still putting his foot down of letting Shaun back into surgery. This week’s case, we see a man with a 200-pound tumor that has been brought in for a resident’s lesson. At least the patient is in good spirits over everything. Park, Claire, Melendez and Morgan are tasked to the patient.

Claire and Park are both annoyed that Morgan is sucking up to Han. Seriously, Morgan, you just need to calm the heck down. I was starting to like her, but she’s too much for me. After Han catches Morgan working overtime, he tells her he knows what she’s doing, and she should go home. Ha, calling her out, Han! It’s then that Claire comes running in with a solution. I guess it’s true that good always wins.

Even though Shaun assisted in the surgery, (that went successfully, phew!) Han still told him he belongs in pathology. When Shaun comes into his office demanding he be put back in surgery, Han warns him that if she doesn’t leave, he’ll be forced to fire him. Shaun reacts and starts screaming that he is a surgeon. I wanted to hug Shaun so bad in this scene.

Shaun is getting his things to leave, but he knocks everything from his bag. He starts to cry and have a meltdown. Freddie Highmore was absolutely brilliant in this scene. This is about when I almost started crying on my lunch. Claire comes in, picks up his stuff and slides down the wall to sit beside Shaun in silence. She’s the best — she wanted to comfort Shaun so much, and she showed what a good person she is by just being with him.

Good news…and crushes

Good news: Glassman is cancer free! After a bit of a meltdown in a restaurant, that cashier was so calm af when Glassman was yelling at him, he goes to see Dr. Blaize. She tells him the good news then, and he offers her a token of his appreciation. Ohhh someone has a crush.

He gives her a signed baseball from his favorite players. She tells him she’s not really into baseball, but he wanted her to have it. He had been a timid child, but he managed to approach his favorite players to sign the ball for him. That was such a cute moment.

Let’s talk about this

I kind of appreciated Lea this episode. She really wants to support and comfort Shaun. She tells him how awesome that he gets to live out his dreams and help people every day, even if it’s not as a surgeon. This is the kind of Lea I like to see.

Park has great chemistry with all of the other characters. I like him and Morgan working together, and in this week’s episode, I liked Claire and him hanging out. He’s just a really cool character.

I can’t believe Lim and Melendez walked into Andrews’s office at the end! I wasn’t sure if it would ever transpire into anything besides hooking up. I like them together, so I’m interested to see how it’ll play out when they go public.

This was a great and emotional episode. What did you think of this episode? Sign off below or tweet us!

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