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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×13 “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 13, “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way” Aired March 3, 2019.

We are back with a fresh episode of Supergirl! This episode is Supergirl, circa season one, in true form! Let’s get into it!

An Elite Breakout


This week was all about Manchester Black. J’onn pays Manchester a visit in prison. Poor J’onn never quits. J’onn always thinks he can change people.

Our Martian tries to connect with Manchester. Give it a rest J’onn, honestly. I mean he has killed almost 30 people. They never do finish their discussion because all hell breaks loose.

  • Manchester’s guard is actually and old buddy of his, Hat.
  • Hat shoots J’onn and knocks him out.
  • Manchester, Hat, and Menagerie escape.

When they escape you think there are only three, just kidding, throw in a Morai for good measure! Supergirl tries to stop them, but there are too many and they escape.

Science Buddies


The DEO welcomed a new partner this week. Ms. Lena Luthor has joined the ranks. She will be working on her biological enhancement project on the base. Alex pops in to say hello. In this moment something unexpected was born, a new ship!

You heard me, the fans have spoken, Lena and Alex. Whether or not the ship will actually be cannon is another story. Lena is newly single and Alex is ready to get back out there. Will these two bond over science? We sure hope so.

Lena reminds Alex that she is untrusting of the government.

“I am the government.”

Alex implores Lena to trust her as a friend. Lena decides to think on this. Also we got to see Tess Mercer again! Hopefully we will be seeing more of these three in the future!

Ben Lockwood, Public Figure


Manchester’s Elite have decided to wage war on the Children of Liberty and all the alien haters. In all honestly I would side with them, except for one thing, they are killing people. Manchester arranges a meet with Supergirl.

He states he will stay out of her superhero business if she leaves the haters to him. Kara being the noble hero she is, refuses. He declares war on anyone who stands in his way. He also make a public declaration of this on live television.

Ben Lockwood meets with the President about such matters. Mr. Lockwood asks the President to deputize the Children. The President refuses, reminding him he is just a public figure, nothing more. This reawakens the fire within Ben.

Elite vs. Superfriends

We find out via the President that the military created a satellite that can blow spaceships away. Both Manchester and Supergirl are disgusted by this. Manchester takes the Elite to kill everyone at the station and redirect the satelitte. Here’s how it goes down.

  • Supergirl, Brainy, Nia, and J’onn go to defend the station and the people on it.
  • The Elite battle them.
  • Kara finds out Manchester has re-directed the satellite to destroy the White House.

Kara does not have the time to battle Manchester and save the White House. Cue Alex crashing in and whooping Manchester’s a*s. Really why don’t we just re-name this show, “Alex Saves the Day”? Kara blows up the satellite so it doesn’t hit the White House. The Superfriends defeat The Elite, but they get away.

Agent Liberty Returns

The President is infuriated with Supergirl and they way the aliens are getting out of hand. I also believe there is something off about him. I’m just throwing it out there. 

He calls Ben Lockwood in. The President deputizes him as the Alien Affairs Representative. Clearly the President has lost his mind. Ben returns to the mask and his followers.

Alex finds out the DEO had no knowledge of the satellite. She begins not to trust the government. She and Lena are now on the same page.

“Come back tomorrow and we will give you the real tour.”

Oh, Lena, always thinking ahead. What did you think of the episode? Are you loving the Elite. Do you think Supergirl’s morality is due for a test? We will soon see!

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