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The top 5 biggest bombshells from the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 trailer

Watch the Game of Thrones season 8 trailer:

I’m not even going to do a big intro in this article, guys. We’re going to dive right into it! Season 8 of Game of Thrones premieres Sunday, April 14 on HBO, and the trailer for the epic final season is here. We have a lot to unpack—let’s do this.

  1. Arya is, and always will be, a freaking badass. But what has scared her?

While Arya is no doubt ready for battle, the trailer shows that something has scared the girl of many faces. A girl who lives, breathes, and knows death shouldn’t scare easily, so it’s terrifying to think of what’s put her into a frenzy. She’s running away from something—presumably a White Walker? Call me crazy, but what if she tried wearing the face of a dead man… who was already dead? Like, a White Walker, perhaps?

  1. Jaime Lannister is still ready to commit to the fight for the living

We see Jaime defending himself—and rightfully so. Dany, Jon and Co. are justified in not wanting to trust him right away. Will Tyrion come to his brother’s defense? There’s also another scene in the trailer of Jaime on the battlefield, most likely at the battle for Winterfell. Which brings us to…

  1. The Battle for Winterfell

Entertainment Weekly released this week that the series may have an entire episode dedicated to the Battle for Winterfell. Yes—that means and hour-plus run time of pure fighting and fire-breathing awesome-sauce. Fans will remember the epic season 5 episode “Hardhome” and of course season 7’s “Battle of the Bastards” as some of the famed battle scenes of the series, but this season’s battle scenes are said to set records for the “longest consecutive action sequence in onscreen history” (EW). Buckle up!

In addition, IGN points out the interesting wording of the EW article:

EW says the episode will “be” the longest battle sequence, not “include” it, which implies the battle will take up the entirety of its runtime. With some episodes this season expected to run up to 90 minutes long, that could be very considerable.

Oh snap!

  1. Dany and Jon walking towards the two (living) dragons.

Of course, this is meant to tease fans that Jon will ride Rhaegal, the dragon named after his biological father (who’s also Dany’s older brother), Rhaegar Targaryen. It seems as though it’s destined Jon will ride Rhaegal, and even though we know it’s coming, it will still be epic. Personally, I’d still like to see Tyrion hop on just for shits, because DUH.

There’s also the long-standing theory that Bran will warg into one of the dragons, but at this point it would seem more beneficial if Bran warged into Viserion, the now-undead dragon that the Night King rides. Can Bran even warg into White Walkers? We may find out.

  1. Cersei being… Cersei.

Cersei and her army are awaiting someone’s attack at King’s Landing, and while I’d love for the White Walkers to make it down there to destroy Cersei, the better outcome is that Dany, Jon and Co. defeat the White Walkers at Winterfell and take on Cersei themselves. (Also, with only 7 episodes this season, there’s really not a lot of time for the White Walkin’ army to get to King’s Landing.)


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