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‘Arrow’ recap: 7×14 “Brothers & Sisters”

"I don't know if you noticed, but you're kind of a badass."

Arrow recap: Season 7 Episode 14, “Brothers & Sisters” Aired March 4, 2019.

We were put on a rollercoaster with “Brothers & Sisters,” and it’s hard to say if we ended this ride going up, reaching a sunny sky, or going down, into a dark pit despair. But hey, that’s Arrow for you. Let’s dive right in!

Oliver and Emiko

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Oliver inserts himself in Emiko’s mission, which she understandably doesn’t take so well. He’s so focused on trying to impart some wisdom that he forgets nobody likes a backseat driver. Or a backseat vigilante.

Oliver apologizes, and she seems to forgive him. However, throughout this whole Oliver and Emiko ordeal one thing stuck out to me. Just the way Oliver rejected doing things the “vigilante way.” And I admittedly, had to agree with Emiko when she wanted to question the guy herself.

I don’t know how long I can stomach the Green Arrow working with the SCPD. Not because I think it’s an amoral approach, but because I feel like Oliver is becoming too much like a cop. And that’s not the show we love. He still wears his suit with his bow and arrows, but I won’t be surprised if the SCPD try to take that away too.

Even so, I still don’t feel working this closely with the SCPD is going to last. At least I hope not.

Oh, I almost forgot! Emiko’s working with Dante?!? Is Emiko evil?!

Mia and William

During the flash forwards, Mia’s all “you think my mother is dead, okay, show me the receipts.” AND THEY HAD NO RECEIPTS TO GIVE! Amateurs. Mia, please just take over, honey. This bunch needs a leader.

Meanwhile, the second pair of brothers and sisters try to bond. Meaning, William tries to bond with Mia. And Mia throws a glass at his head. I love her, and I love them together.

We also get a little insight in Will’s alleged abandonment. Apparently he says Oliver and Felicity never call again after he goes and lives with his grandparents in Central City. Which we know isn’t true because we saw Oliver leaving a message for William on the phone, so I’m guessing the grandparents have been deleting all the messages?

Mia also hints that she never grew up with Oliver. Which tracks with the whole Oliver Queen is probably dead thing. Also, they find a cassette tape in the Rubix Cube that Felicity left as a clue. How they are going to listen to it in 2040 is the question.

Also, can we talk about Connor Hawke for a sec, so he’s not JJ? Then where the heck is JJ?

Dante, Ghost Initiative, and Bye Bye Diaz!

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Diaz got his just desserts by being burned alive. And I’m so happy! Who else was done with Diaz? Everyone? Okay, cool. (Pssst… I think Black Siren did it)

Also, I wish I can recap this Dante thing effectively, but alas, this storyline has gone right over my head. He’s an evil mastermind, and that’s all I got.

Felicity Smoak Reigns Over All

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Notice how the flash forwards revolve around Felicity Megan Smoak? Ugh, love a Queen.

Concurrently, Felicity and Black Siren bond over pregnancy news, and just how awesome Felicity is. And I have never loved Black Siren more. They conspire with trying to kill Diaz after John finally tells Oliver and Felicity that Diaz is in the Ghost Initiative. And Felicity is not having it.

Oliver lets her decide what she wants to do.

“I have your back no matter what.” -Oliver Queen to his wife, Felicity Smoak

She has the chance to kill Diaz in an Op, and ultimately decides against it. She wants to live in the light like Oliver, and be a good example for their children. And then…


Is this real life?!


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