‘Shadowhunters’ 3×12 recap: “Original Sin”

YAY - but also, holy sh*t. What now?

Shadowhunters 3×12, Season 3 Episode 12 “Original Sin” aired March 4, 2019

This episode was packed with action and so many shipper moments that will have us swooning for the next 50 years. We also got a couple sighs of relief, followed by a lot of concern for what’s next. Is Clary really safe? Is Izzy going to spiral again? Can Malec get any cuter – LOTS of questions. Let’s break it down!

Bonjour, Morgensterns!

After that double, near death moment in 3×11, Clary is understandably shaken, but Jonathan doesn’t give her a chance to catch her breath before he moves them to a new city – Paris! It’s a city she has always wanted to travel to, but chances are she didn’t expect to go there with her murderous, demon brother!

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/Bruno Calvo)


Holy hotness. The highly anticipated training scene with Alec and Mangus was hotter than we ever could have predicted. It starts off well intended and ends up in the bedroom. There is zero snuggle time after the – you know – because Magnus has lots of plans. His new found mortality is giving him a new sense of urgency in life. Thankfully, he has a loving boyfriend to remind him that it’s not the places they go, but the moments they spend together that matter the most. Magnus and Alec are always wonderful to watch, but their connection feels deeper than ever in this episode.

Shadowhunters never say die

Luke’s refusal to accept Clary’s death proves to be a good move! After some research, Jace is happy to report that he has evidence to back up Luke’s “moving apartment” theory! Hope is alive and the team is ready to bring their girl home! Alec and Magnus join Jace and Luke on their mission to save Clary.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/Bruno Calvo)


Simon and Izzy make such a great team! They need to find the oldest vamp in NYC (and possibly the world) to get some info on Simon’s mark. With Izzy’s vast tunnel knowledge (thanks to her teen years when she snuck out to hunt demons), the two begin their quest. Even in the dim light of the endless tunnels, we could see those Sizzy sparks flying.


WHOA! Simon tracks down the vampire he was looking for and he doesn’t just have the Mark of Cain – he IS Cain! Turns out Lilith had her hands in a lot more messes than we realized. She turned Cain into a vampire without his knowledge and when he hit his brother, Abel with a rock he couldn’t control the blood lust. Yep, Shadowhunters is giving us a twist on the bible story about Adam’s sons and we dig it.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/Bruno Calvo)

Dude – she’s your sister!

While the Morgensterns prepare to explore Paris, we notice some super, creepy vibes coming from Jonathan. He is making heart eyes at his sister! HIS SISTER! Clary does not notice though – girlfriend is just looking for a way OUT. After a quick slight of hand, she steals a steele from a Paris Institute Shadowhunter – and that’s just the unusual activity Jace and the team were looking for on their “Clary Hunt” tip line.

Seel the deal

Simon wants the Mark of Cain removed, but the process to remove it is SUPER dangerous. Izzy is not on board with this plan, but Simon is determined. The weird ass ritual leaves Simon all gray and lifeless. He needs to feed ASAP. Without hesitation, Izzy offers her own blood to Simon, but Izzy’s past addiction to the venom has us (and nearly dead Simon) super worried. We hope that this act of selflessness doesn’t lead Izzy down a dark road she just recently recovered from. Also, that final shot of this scene with Simon drinking from Izzy in the Seelie Court with the petals falling around them was straight up ART!

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/John Medland)

Morningstar Sword

We aren’t super clear on what Jonathan’s plan is, but his trip to an antiquities shop to purchase the Morningstar Sword might be a part of it. The Greater Demon running the shop has lovely grammer, but his refusal to help Jonathan gets him a Morgenstern slice to the throat. Does Jonathan want to open the portal to Hell? Will Clary’s rejection send Jonathan running back to Mommy – or worse, will he try to bring her back from Edom? Eeek. We are concerned.


Clary almost got away from Jonathan’s clutches at the hands of a (kinda dumb) Shadowhunter, but Jonathan snapped his neck without blinking. Lucky for Clary, our favorite fellas were already on their way. Alec, Jace and Luke show up to rescue Clary, but it’s really Clary that saves herself from Jonathan with a swift knife jab to her own leg. While Alec and Luke chase after Jo-Bro, Clace has the sweetest reunion EVER! Then everyone just skips off into the Parisian sunset – just kidding, Jonathan wigs the f*ck out and we are terrified.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/Bruno Calvo)

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