‘I Am the Night’ 1×06: Final creepy moments from “Queen’s Gambit, Accepted”

I Am the Night recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “Queen’s Gambit, Accepted,” aired March 4, 2019.

Alright, we have reached the end of this dark tale. If you know the case in which this show chronicles, we know it was a cold case. This episode certainly brought all the shudders. Let’s dig in.

Piano prodigy? Nah.

We flashback to 1917; George is a young boy playing the piano. His mother insists that he is a prodigy on the piano, but his instructor says he lacks emotions while playing. George? Emotionless? Ya don’t say. He advises her to put him into science or the like.

Bilis is back to being the worst person ever. He orders the mistreatment of Jay and denies that Hodel isn’t the murderer. Jay yells to him that at the end of the day, Bilis is protecting a criminal. Get him, Jay.

Fauna gets a concerning call, alerting her that Jimmy Lee is at the hospital with injuries. She goes to Terrance to get her back home to Jimmy Lee. At first, he doesn’t agree, but he has a change of heart, letting Fauna ride in the trunk of his car.

She thanks him with a kiss, which was random to me. Oh gosh, why is she at Hodel’s ex-wife’s house?! She’s the last person she should’ve asked!

Shouldn’t have trusted her

Turns out, I was right, and Mrs. Hodel was no help. How did I draw that conclusion? Well, because she freaking drugs Fauna. DRUGS HER. What the heck. HOLY S***! George Hodel is in Fauna’s room. Everyone should panic right about now.

An odd introduction to your grandpa, I would say, Fauna. Yeah, just casually shine your shoes, you creepo. Hodel accuses Jay of being a muckraker, which is a sensational journalist, which is BS for Hodel to call it that. If anyone’s a liar, it’s him. If I was Fauna, I’d be finding a window to jump out of. A broken leg and arm is something I’d be willing to risk to escape Hodel.

EW. Ew Ew Ew. George Hodel is a Grade-A wacko. “How is Jimmy?” Well, Hodel, you stabbed her, so I’m assuming not well. This man is manipulative af. Bilis and Hodel would be chummy with one another and in cahoots to arrest Jay. He even refuses Fauna when she asks him to take him away from the house. Bro.

Poor Jay…and Fauna

I’m not in law enforcement, but I am positive how Bilis is treating Jay is illegal. Also, he saw the fear in Fauna’s eyes and did nothing to help her. That’s some messed up stuff. All he cares about is protecting his butt.

Jay tries to strike a deal with Bilis. He tells Bilis to let him get lost amongst the riot so he can kill Hodel. It’ll solve Bilis’s problem of Hodel having a strong hold on him, and Jay will get rid of a monster. Jay, however, signs away his life in the process by putting his fingerprints all over the knife.

“I was supposed to be a journalist.” Oh, that part just gutted me. We’ve seen all the crap Jay went through in his life before and after the war. However, he is saving Fauna and any other women from Hodel’s evil claws. He’s putting his life in danger to save others, unlike Bilis.

Of course Fauna would be hesitant to drink something another Hodel gives her. Who wouldn’t after what his crazy ex did? This is the most uncomfortable dinner scene I have ever seen. He even asks to paint her, which I find creepy because this man is a freaking murderer. Did he just show her a gun he carries? Wtf.

Sure, safe…

Hodel drags Fauna down into his basement where he keeps both his art studio and surgery center. Making it even creepier, he tells her to dress into a flimsy nightie. When she refuses, he smacks her in the face. Goodness, he even keeps pictures of those he’s murdered in his basement. Someone needs to arrest this man stat. Absolutely sickening.

Fauna tries to take a page out of Jay’s book to knock Hodel out, but he’s on to her. He even threatens her with a gun. This guy is literally a piece of scum. Oh man, Fauna talking smack about Hodel’s art isn’t going to end well. It ends with her knocking Hodel down, like the coward he is, with a gun pointed at him.

Wow. Fauna is fierce! She’s able to scare Hodel while telling him she’ll never be his. That she knows who she is and that she belongs to Jimmy Lee. This man is absolutely disgusting.

Meanwhile, Jay manages to roughen up some officers to escape from their clutches. Somehow he’s able to get into Hodel’s house to find Fauna. He promptly comforts her because she definitely needs comforting after that.

Oh gosh

Jay heads down to find Hodel, but he is nowhere to be found. We all know this isn’t going to end well. Chris Pine literally gave me chills in this scene. That was some powerful acting. Fauna tries to calm Jay down, but he says he’ll die trying to kill Hodel.

Jay tells her he won’t tell her story, but she doesn’t mind if he does. He just cares that she gets away without getting hurt. We then see an army of police as he says he needs to leave town. Yeah, I would get as far away from LA as possible. Theirs was an unlikely friendship.

Fauna returns back home to see Jimmy Lee in the hospital. Thankfully, Hodel didn’t kill her. Turns out, Hodel also fled the country, while Jay jumped town too. Fauna tells Jay that at the end of the day, what he did and didn’t do, saved her.

Thus concludes I Am the Night. It was certainly a chilling series with no closure. Of course, we expected that going in, as it was a cold case. What did you think of the miniseries? Sign off below or tweet us!

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