‘The Umbrella Academy’ recap: Episode 1×03, “Extra Ordinary”

Diego makes a tough decision to keep his family safe.

“We were just tools in an experiment to him. Nothing more.”

Vanya’s autobiography

A few years earlier, Vanya wrote an autobiography about growing up at the Umbrella Academy, called Extra Ordinary. Included in it were secrets about all her siblings, and some of them took it as betrayal. Particularly Diego, who thinks Vanya shouldn’t be involved in family decisions.

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Back in the present, Vanya’s late for orchestra rehearsal. When she finally gets there, both the conductor and first chair violinist tell her that she isn’t good enough and should quit. Apparently pretty much everyone in Vanya’s life tells her that she’s useless.

This would cause low self-esteem in anyone. It’s easy to understand why Vanya’s so drawn to Leonard, who is kind and listens to her.

Mother dearest

Back at the Umbrella Academy, Allison shows Luther the video that shocked her at the end of last episode. It shows their mother standing over Hargreeves as he dies in his bed. They all dearly love their mother, so seeing this doesn’t make sense.

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When they try to talk to her and get answers, she starts acting really strange. In order to decide what to do about her, they get all the siblings together.

Jordan Claire Robbins is so amazing as Grace, I honestly sometimes forget that it’s a real person playing her.

Family meeting

Allison goes to get Vanya, and once everyone except Five is there, they discuss their options. Mother is technically a robot constructed by Hargreeves to care for and protect them. For her to stand by and not help Hargreeves, there must be something wrong with her programming.

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This starts an argument about whether or not to turn her off, and Diego is intensely against it. Though they all have good relationships with their mother, Diego is particularly close with her. Klaus has been feeling left out recently, so to spite Luther, he sides with Diego to not turn Mother off.

Without Five there to vote, they decide to wait to make a decision. In a flashback, we see the siblings as kids preparing for a mission, and Mother helps Diego overcome his stutter. Now, Diego goes to her to prove that she isn’t just programming, asking her to admit was hurt by how Hargreeves treated her, but she can’t do it.

Cha-Cha & Hazel vs. The Umbrella Academy

After tracking Five to the Umbrella Academy, the assassins arm up and head in. Turns out they weren’t as prepared as they thought, as they come up against Diego, Luther, and Allison. Luther takes on Hazel, and Allison and Diego face off against Cha-Cha.

While all this is going on, Klaus is facing his own demons. Well, sort of. Using music to drown out all the voices, Klaus dances around, somehow avoiding all the fighting.

When Vanya shows up again, Hazel attacks her and she’s almost hurt. Diego has to protect her, and later he calls her a liability, something Allison doesn’t deny. In the fight, Allison didn’t even use her ability, only her fight training. Why didn’t Hargreeves at least train Vanya in that?

Eventually, everyone else ends up in the main room. Cha-Cha drops the huge chandelier on them, before escaping. Luther pushes Allison out of the way, taking all of the weight himself.

Luthor’s secret comes out

As Diego, Vanya, and Allison watch, he uses his strength to push the chandelier off of him, his shirt getting pulled off in the process. Now we know why he appears so big, and has been wearing turtlenecks and jackets all the time.

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His upper body, which flashbacks reveal used to look normal, is now hairy and enlarged, very reminiscent of a gorilla. Embarrassed to have everyone see this, especially Allison, he runs upstairs.

Diego’s daunting decision

Throughout the whole fight, Mother just sits upstairs, cross-stitching. This goes against what Vanya said about her being programmed to be a caregiver and protector.

When the fight’s over, Diego notices that she’s so unaware, she stitched through her own skin. He accepts the fact that something’s wrong with her, and makes a decision for the family, destroying the software in her arm and shutting her off.

Klaus is kidnapped

No one’s really been giving Klaus the time of day since he’s been back. When Five goes off for further investigation of the eye, Klaus asks to come along, and is denied. Later, he goes with Luther to find him, and is shut out of that conversation then too.

Thankfully, his brother Ben’s literally stuck with him, and their interactions continue to be the best moments of the show.

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After fleeing the academy, Cha-Cha and Hazel go back to the motel to recoup. But it turns out the fight wasn’t a total loss for them. In the trunk of their car is Klaus, still in a towel and duck-taped.

As of right now, none of his siblings even realize he’s gone.

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