‘Riverdale’ 3×13: 5 biggest takeaways from “Requim For A Welterweight”

Our favorite characters vs. their enemies...

After a too long hiatus, Riverdale returned with an episode where a lot happened, but also not much happened either? Nonetheless, Riverdale continues to keep me hooked from start to finish, especially with the following highlights:

Here are the 5 biggest  takeaways from this episode

Gladys vs. Veronica vs. Hiram

Now that Gladys is here to stay, Veronica continues to pay back every penny she owes, however Gladys has another idea that will lessen her debt: Hiram Lodge.

Gladys plans to take Hiram out of the drug business and Veronica would like to see her family also away from the business, therefore, Veronica finds out a little information on what Hiram plans to do now he’s back up on his feet.

His first plan of action is to use the Ghoulies to get things up and running, so Gladys decides to steal them first only to find out that they’re now a part of the Gargoyle gang. Somehow, Gladys convinces the Ghoulies to become Serpents and now with Jughead in charge, Hiram will be coming nowhere near them.

Gladys, Hiram and Veronica come to an agreement that Gladys will take over the streets, whilst Hiram focuses on the prison. How long will the agreements and peace last though? That is the true question here.

The Pretty Poisons vs. The Serpents

When The Serpents lose all their women to The Pretty Poisons, Jughead tries to convince Toni to come back and rejoice with her family. However, the only way Toni is going to step foot back in their group is if Jughead is willing to crown her as Queen – which personally, makes a whole lot more sense to Betty being the Queen, but hey ho, BUGHEAD ALL THE WAY!!

Not surprising at all, Jughead turns down Toni’s request, pushing her to seek out revenge. Except, of course, Cheryl puts her mark out there first by allowing the girls to beat up Sweetpea and Fangs, as a warning that The Pretty Poisons should not be messed with.

Archie vs. himself

With all that Archie’s been through, it really is about time that he catches his big break and boxing seems to be just that. He spends his days training with Tom Keller, and when the opportunity arises to actually get in the ring, Archie is turned down and told he isn’t ready.

Except, we all know Archie. Every decision he makes is never the right one. He demands to fight a professional boxer, however this can only happen if he throws himself under the bus and loses. For $5,000 though, Archie is willing to lose, as long as his name his out there – as Josie says, can you believe Archie only thinks he’s worth $5,000!?

Although Archie breaks off the deal and fights voluntarily, he still takes the losing team. Personally, I’d say it was a win since he didn’t get murdered in the process.

Detective Betty vs. The Farm (again)

When Betty finds out that Alice is going to be baptized at The Farm, she puts her sleuthing skills to the test and tracks down a woman who had previously escaped The Farm and now only talks negative of the place – giving Betty high hopes that she can convince her mother to stay away.

Alice is to sign a form before her baptism, explaining that The Farm is not responsible if she dies during her ceremony. Betty discovers that the escapee’s sister died during her ceremony and now Betty has to race against time to save her mother.

Nothing was more annoying than witnessing how delusional Polly and Alice had become over this farm, but I suppose I’d be pretty much the same if Chad Michael Murray was behind it all… Swoon!

Polly pushes her mother in to the water, starting off her baptism. However, when Alice tries to come up for air, Polly continues to keep her under the water until she can no longer breath – queue Betty, who quickly performs CPR and saves the day as always! Seriously, Betty literally keeps this town and the people in it together.

Betty believes that Alice’s quick meeting with death will show her how dangerous the farm really is, but Alice doesn’t see it that way – she believes she has been born again and the only thing to allow her to fully move on is to sell the family home.

Nothing was more heartbreaking than seeing Betty sit and listen to her mother, tears rolling down her face, with the look that she had completely given up on trying to help. Betty Cooper deserves more than this!

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