‘Suits’: Here’s 10 Darvey GIFs that will make you swoon

Harvey Specter is a very frustrating man. Besides the fact the he’s a kickass lawyer and loyal to a fault, when it comes to matters of the heart you need to approach very slowly, and speak calmly, otherwise you’ll spook the poor fella.

Everyone knows that Donna Paulson and Harvey Specter belong together. Many people have told them so over the course of the 8 seasons, in fact, Donna has even said it to Harvey.

We were just waiting for him to catch up, and he finally did!

So let’s celebrate with 10 GIFs that will make every Darvey shipper swoon! And for everyone that has stuck it out this long, you deserve a metal.

Stupid, sweet, dream sequences

Hand-holding porn

Casually picturing their wedding day

Maybe they’ll finally be together kisses


She opens the door…

And he speeds through it!

So much kissing

Is the Darvey fandom okay, are you breathing?

Because I’m not.

The 9th and final season of Suits is yet to release a premiere date so be on the look out on the USA Network!


Lynsey Neill

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