‘Gotham’ recap: 5×08 “Nothing’s Shocking”

Gotham recap: Season 5, Episode 8, “Nothing’s Shocking,” Aired Feb. 28, 2019
“Nothing’s Shocking” in the newest Gotham, as murder is in the air, Arkham continues spewing out people with abilities, no one is ever really dead in Gotham, and the past catches up with one of our heroes.

I feel like this episode was definitely more of a one-off, but it was textbook Gotham nonetheless. Despite the episode’s title, “Nothing’s Shocking,” there is always something shocking in Gotham. Did anything in the episode surprise you?

Oh, and Barbara has a tiny baby bump!

“I accept you for the person you are”

Gotham 5x08 Nothing's Shocking Nygmobblepot Ed Edward Nygma The Riddler Penguin Oswald Cobblepot

Nygma was spending all his time building the submarine while Penguin contributed nothing to their partnership. Naturally, the two fought like an old married couple.

This continued as the two fought with Mr. Scarface (see below), but despite their disagreements on how to handle the villain, they realized they need each other in the end.


Nygmobblepot shippers, are you still with me? You got lots of little treats tonight!

Gotham 5x08 Nothing's Shocking Penguin Oswald Cobblepot Edward Ed Nygma The Riddler Nygmobblepot

Penn aka Ventriloquist (and Mr. Scarface)

Gotham 5x08 Nothing's Shocking Mr. Scarface Arthur Penn Ventriloquist

Penguin’s former BFF/PA was, apparently, not dead after being shot at Haven. However, celebration would be premature, as this nightmare-fuel of a dummy from an abandoned magic store, Mr. Scarface, was controlling Penn. Just as Penn was Penguin’s puppet, he was Mr. Scarface’s puppet.

Gotham 5x08 Nothing's Shocking Penguin Oswald Cobblepot Arthur Penn Ventriloquist Mr. Scarface

When Mr. Scarface decided he wanted to join the submarine ride out of the city, he decided he needed Nygma alive to build it, but Penguin was useless. Therefore, Penguin could die. However, Penguin, with help from Nygma, shot the puppet, thereby freeing Penn…

…Until Penn was shot by Nygma. That didn’t last long.

“The kid’s guilty, too”

Harvey’s old partner was accused of murdering two other former cops at Sirens. We later learned it was actually Jane Cartwright, a woman thought to be dead. “Nothing’s Shocking” – she spent some time at Arkham, gaining the ability to mirror a person’s appearance with one touch and adopting the alias Jane Doe, claiming that Jane was killed years ago.

Gotham 5x08 Nothing's Shocking Harvey Bullock Jane Doe Cartwright

There was a connection between the four cops targeted: They worked on a case together – Harvey forced testimony out of Jane Cartwright in order to put her mother in jail, only to find out her father beat them both. And he didn’t do anything about it, just closed the case and moved on without saying a word.

In the end, Harvey and the other three cops on that case turned Jane into a killer. The ordeal was going to end with either Jane Doe or Harvey dead, and Jane was the one who took a bullet to the chest.

Zombie Killer Croc

Remember those hazardous chemicals Jim dumped into the water? Well, Bruce and Alfred spent the episode in the sewers fighting a man driven crazy by the toxins. I got some serious Killer Croc vibes from that villain, but I don’t actually know if that’s what they were going for. He wasn’t particularly scaly, but, you know, sewers.

Gotham 5x08 recap Nothing's Shocking Bruce Wayne Alfred Pennyworth Killer Croc

In other Alfred-Bruce news, they had a heart-to-heart post-sewer fight. Alfred blamed himself for what Jeremiah did to Wayne Manor. Bruce didn’t blame Alfred for not being strong enough to fight Tetch, adding that the two were family, and they could be strong for each other.  SO. SWEET.


Next week looks fun! Ivy’s back, along with the return of Selina and Zsasz, who were sorely missed this week. And Jim Gordon looks to be in big trouble next week, which has got to be interesting. See you back in Gotham next week!


Next week:

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