‘Deadly Class’ recap: Episode 1×07, “Rise Above”

Marcus gets a serial killer's help to catch his psychopathic old roommate.

Deadly Class season 1 episode 7, “Rise Above,” aired 27 February 2019.

“Let’s say we go find Mr. Face.”

Marcus lets Saya in on his secret

Marcus knows he needs to stop Chester before anyone finds out about Chico. He can’t do it on his own, so he goes to level-headed Saya, and lets her read in his journal what really happened at the boy’s home.

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Knowing they need more help, Marcus and Saya enlist Billy to let out the Scorpio Slasher: the Psychopathy teacher that Marcus butted heads with in class. I guess it’s smart, asking a serial killer how to find one of his own, but they need to keep him on a short leash (literally).

We meet El Alma del Diablo

Not wanting to make Maria even more worried and unpredictable, Marcus chooses not to involve her with their plan. Meanwhile, she’s dealing with her own trouble, as Chico’s father, known as El Alma del Diablo, stops by for a visit. He assesses if her grief seems real, and sends one of his men to threaten her, giving her twenty four hours to kill Yukio, the guy they believe did it.

Billy holds the lease of the second-rate Zodiac killer

Marcus, Billy, Saya, and the Scorpio Slasher head out, stopping first for burritos and ice cream, as the killer requested. Then they discuss what Chester/F***face likes (dogs), and where they can find him. They surmise that he frequents the local animal shelter, and lo and behold, when they arrive they hear a scream coming from around back.

Image: Katie Yu/SYFY

What they find is F***face cornering a woman attempting to leave her dog there. Marcus and the others arrive just in time. They let the Scorpio Slasher loose, and when F***face tells his cousin to kill him, Jimmy John has his entrails taken out instead.

Sensing that there’s a real threat here, F***face takes off, Marcus and Saya chasing behind but unable to catch up. They now have two days to find Chico’s body.

Image: Katie Yu/SYFY

Gabrielle encourages Willie to find a way out

While all this is going on, Willie is spending time with his new girlfriend, Gabrielle. At her place, Willie opens up about his father and his death. They have sex, but before they can cuddle, Willie gets paged by the NWA. Gabrielle asks him to stay, saying he should leave them behind, but he tells her “it’s not in the cards.”

Aunt Gao reconnects with niece Nahia

Gao and Lin are still working out their differences, and Gao asks a lot of probing questions, particularly about his “dead” daughter. Being as intelligent and cunning as she is, Gao quickly figures out Lin’s secret, and she gets a reunion with her niece, Nahia.

Image: Katie Yu/SYFY

She questions Lin’s loyalty to the guild, and threatens to reveal his secret to others. When he tries to argue that she’s the only one who could ever figure it out, she tells him, “Any parent who has lost a child could see through your false grieving.” Gao leaves, but only after she promises Naya that they will see each other again soon.

Maria kills to keep the secret

With no other choice, Maria dons her Día de los Muertos makeup and tracks Yukio to a yakuza club. She hides in the bathroom, and when he comes in she slices his throat, an echo of Chico’s death. He’s discovered quickly, and on her way out she’s forced to kill someone else too. Chico’s father is waiting outside in a car, and he tells her she did well.

Can someone please kill him and get Maria out of there? She deserves to be happy!

Extra thoughts…

It’s cool seeing Michel Duval a little more as Chico’s disembodied head, and it definitely adds some fun to F***face’s otherwise crazy ongoings.

Willie’s finally getting more of his own storyline, and we LOVE Gabrielle. Maybe she’ll be able to guide him out of this dark life. But knowing this show, he probably won’t get that lucky.

Lin and Gao have a really interesting relationship. This is a storyline that’s not in the graphic novels, so we’re intrigued to see where it will go.

Season one of Deadly Class airs on SYFY, Wednesdays at 10PM.

(Featured Image: Katie Yu/SYFY)


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