‘Shadowhunters’ 3×11: Behind the scenes look at “Lost Souls”


In episode 3×11 of Shadowhunters, “Lost Souls” we finally learned the fate of our dear Clary. She is safe and sound with her very eerie brother – in SIBERIA! In the episode, Clary plays along to get some info from Jonathan and then the second she can, she makes a break for it.

Katherine McNamara makes this snowy jog look effortless, but Clary’s billowy cape was actually covering up snow pants and this icy scene was super challenging. Even Jonathan’s uphill climb with an unconscious Clary looks like a walk in (a very snowy) park, but (as Luke Baines explains) the hill was covered in ice.

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It’s clear that the filming of these scenes was COLD. Very cold. So cold that Luke Baines had to force his teeth to stop chattering as he shivered. Katherine McNamara found the cold and snow a bit easier to manage – but still. Brrrrrr.

Freeform released a video snippet of Baines and McNamara discussing the Morgenstern siblings’ snowy adventure and how their stunt doubles helped make it look so great. Check out the featurette below and read more about the Morgentern Bond here, in our chat with showrunner, Todd Slavkin HERE.

Katherine McNamara (“Clary”) and Luke Baines (“Jonathan”) talk about filming the Siberian snow scenes in Episode 3011 of “Shadowhunters”. The final season of “SHADOWHUNTERS” airs MONDAYS at 8:00pm ET/PT on Freeform. – Freeform


Okay, after watching that we need to go make some soup and some tea! And lots and lots of blankets!

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