‘Good Trouble’ 1×08 recap: “Byte Club”

Jesus is back!

Good Trouble episode 1×08 “Byte Club” aired February 26, 2019

Before he was the internet’s boyfriend, Noah Centineo was known to many of us as Jesus Adams Fosters, so what I’m saying is we had him first. Jesus is the latest member of the family to visit his sisters in Good Trouble and let’s be honest, he fits right in.


After last week’s mostly filler episode, we dive right back to Callie and Mariana’s workplace struggles. The episode also reminds us what a great brother Jesus is, he’s Mariana’s biggest supporter and their twin relationship has always been a joy to watch.

Workplace harassment

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Rebecca and Callie find themselves at odds again over a sexual harassment case Rebecca is clerking on. Rebecca is sympathetic, but doesn’t think the woman has a case. This case reopens past trauma for both of them.

It turns out, Judge Wilson is not the first judge Rebecca clerked for. Ben thinks Rebecca used her family’s influence to land herself a better clerkship, but Callie is able to put together that there is more to the story. Rebeca transferred to Judge Wilson’s office because the other judge was harassing her.

Not knowing what else to do, Rebecca turned to her family for help. Her grandfather asked her to stay quiet about the judge, but promised that no other female clerk would be assigned to that judge. Except that’s not the case, at clerk cocktail hour, Callie and Rebecca meet the judge’s new female clerk, Kate.

If you’ve been following Callie’s story since The Fosters you know that she’s a rape survivor. Callie shares her story with Rebecca and urges her to speak out like she did. Rebecca refuses, the risk for her family is just too great.



Mariana’s fight club for women in tech has its first meeting. With a little help from some liquid courage, the women of Speckulate open up about their grievances. Even better, they end up giving each other advice on how to navigate the culture and to make sure that their ideas are listened and acknowledged. Advice that Mariana uses successfully at her next meeting at work.

It’s a triumphant moment for Mariana, that gets immediately crushed by Jesus who doesn’t see it as a win worth celebrating. This leads to a fight that includes all three siblings, but really relies on the connection between Jesus and Mariana.

Mariana is upset at how it is for Jesus to make things happen by simply being his charming self. Jesus points out that things aren’t easy for him, he has a TBI, and unlike all his siblings he didn’t go to college and struggled to get his contracting license. Jesus isn’t here to complain, he’s here to remind Mariana that no one can kick ass like she does. He knows how awesome she is, and just doesn’t want to see her stoop down to the level of the corporate culture she’s part of. Obviously, it ends with hugs and tears from all Adams Fosters present.

Raj does the right thing


Mariana gathers the fight club one more time and tells them they don’t need to navigate the culture at Speckulate, they need to change it. The first step is ending the pay gap. There’s a couple of roadblocks, like those pesky NDAs, but Mariana suggests an anonymous spreadsheet with salaries.

Mariana asks Raj, who is still apologizing for his attempted kiss, to contribute to the spreadsheet. Not only is Raj willing to participate in the spreadsheet, but he goes to HR and informs them that Alex is deliberately excluding Mariana from working on their social network project.

It was extremely satisfying to see Angela, the HR person, chew out Alex in front of the whole team (and Jesus who was visiting).  Alex immediately thinks Mariana is the one who spoke to HR, but Raj admits it was him.


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Being the charming dude that he is, Jesus basically finds himself connected to every storyline in some way. He high-fives Raj after he speaks up for Mariana. When his sisters bail on drinks, Jesus goes to bar and goes home with a girl…who just happens to Callie’s co-worker Rebecca.  The Jesus and Rebecca hook-up is actually revealed  early on in the episode, but due to some fun TV contrivances, Callie doesn’t find out until the final moments of the episode. I can tell with one look that Callie is not feeling this development.

The member of the Coterie that spends the most time with Jesus is Dennis, who takes an instant liking to him. Jesus’s treehouse building business with Wyatt (he of the perfect hair) is slow at the moment. Shocking I know, treehouse building seems like a booming market. Jesus is looking to start building tiny houses, but needs investors.

Dennis reaches out to one of his friends from when he had a soul-sucking corporate job and gets him a meeting. The good news for Jesus is that the guy is interested in investing. The good news for us is that Jesus makes plans to visit again soon to meet about said investment. The bad news for Dennis is that his soon to be ex-wife is now dating his friend.

Elsewhere in The Coterie….

  • In between cases, work drinks and family time, Callie squeezes in a hot and heavy make-out session with Jamie. I think I might be #TeamJamie but ask me again next week.
  • Davia lets us and Callie know that Gael and Bryan are now exclusive. Yep, still #TeamJamie
  • Callie overhears a fight between Judge Wilson and his son. She tries to make her escape without being noticed, but this is Callie, she’s never been that lucky.  Afterwards, Judge Wilson talks to Callie.  He tells Callie she has character and that she should make sure not to compromise it. Solid advice, and a really good scene, but I have a feeling he might come to regret those words.

Did you enjoy Noah’s visit to Good Trouble? Hit the comments and let us know!

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