‘The Umbrella Academy’ recap: Episode 1×02, “Run Boy Run”

Two new killers are in town.

“Christ on a cracker!”

How Five got to the future

The episode begins with a flashback showing how Five got stuck after time traveling to the future. Arrogant after mastering teleportation, an actually 13-year-old Five argues that he can do it. Reginald Hargreeves forbids him from time traveling, and of course, just like any child, he does the opposite. This one time, Hargreeves happened to be right.

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After successfully traveling forward a few times, one last jump takes Five too far. He ends up in the apocalypse-ridden future they’re almost at now, and his powers aren’t working.

Back in 2019, Five is still trying to convince Vanya of the end of the world, but she’s a little hesitant. She goes to bed with the promise to discuss it further in the morning. Five can’t wait that long, and heads out in search of the source of a manufactured eye.

Hazel & Cha-Cha

While checking into a cheap motel, we are introduced to the charming duo Hazel and Cha-Cha, facing the limitations of a company that doesn’t appreciate them enough. They seem to be the replacements for the men Five killed last episode, and they’re carrying around a special suitcase. That’ll be important later.

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After they hear about the truck driver from the diner, they interrogate him, thinking he’s Five. Soon they figure out he’s not, and go to the address Five requested from the man the night before.

Detective Eudora Patch

Our next new character of the episode is Detective Eudora Patch, who is investigating the chaos at the Donut Shop. While talking to Agnes, the woman that was working there, Patch realizes that Diego has been pretending to be a detective to learn about the case. Turns out Diego has a history with Patch and the police force. He’s arrested and taken to the station.

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Detective Patch is amazing, and she doesn’t take any of Diego’s crap. Though I wish we were able to see flashbacks of these two when they were together. She lets Diego go, but threatens real jail time if he keeps getting involved in her investigations.

Klaus helps his brother for money

While his other siblings have abilities like super-strength and teleportation, Klaus’ abilities pertain to connecting with the dead. That’s why he can talk to his dead brother, Ben, and honestly, their relationship is one of the best in the show.

Klaus usually uses drugs and alcohol to numb the voices, but he’s run out of drugs and has no money. Pogo seems to have noticed something missing from Hargreeves’ study, and says there were important papers inside, which Klaus threw in the dumpster. Whoops.

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Five offers Klaus a job to make a quick $20: pretend to be his father so he can get information. Dressed up in one of his father’s suits, Klaus heads with Five to the tech company that made the eye. When they don’t give them what they want, Klaus beats Five and himself up and threatens to say they did it.

His plan works and they get access to the file, but disappointingly, it doesn’t lead anywhere. As Five plans his next move and Klaus requests his money, they have a nice family moment. Five tells Klaus about his love, Dolores.

Vanya’s new student

When Vanya wakes up for the day, Five’s gone. She goes to find him at the Umbrella Academy, and she bumps into Allison. Vanya tries to relate to her sister, but the encounter only leaves her feeling more alone.

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Later, she’s practicing her violin when there’s a knock on her door. It’s a man named Leonard, and he says he’s her new violin student. They have a nice first lesson, though Leonard’s not very talented, and there seems to be a connection. One thing they have in common is horrible fathers, so there’s that.

Allison finds a strange video

Allison is desperate to see or talk to her daughter, Claire, but her ex-husband is making it difficult. Pogo tries to comfort her, bringing her to a video surveillance room that has footage of when they were all kids.

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She finds a lone tape above the monitors and puts it in to watch. Whatever she sees shocks her, and she runs to  show Luther.

Five’s reunion with Dolores

Five’s clearly lonely. He goes to a closed department store and searches for a certain mannequin. As he finds the right one, Hazel and Cha-Cha arrives, guns blazing. To the tune of “Don’t Stop Me Now,” Five avoids them, but soon his abilities fail him, and he hides until the police provide him a way out.

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He’s thankfully is able to grab the mannequin, who we figure out is Dolores. Strange, but not even the weirdest thing we’ve seen so far on this show.

In the last scene of the episode, we see something that Five didn’t tell anyone about the future. He saw his whole family, dead, in front of the Umbrella Academy, with the eye he has clutched in Luther’s dead hand.

Five thinks his siblings tried to stop whatever caused the end of the world but didn’t succeed. He believes that the owner of the eye is responsible, and if he kills them, the apocalypse won’t happen.

Can Five save them all?

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