‘The Good Doctor’ 2×16: “Believe”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 2, Episode 16, “Believe,” aired Feb. 25, 2019.

All I could hear throughout this episode was that song from The Princess Diaries, “Miracles Happen.” But that’s just me. The doctors continue to fight for Shaun’s replacement, and Glassman is unlucky in love. Let’s dig in.

Power teams

Claire, Morgan and Melendez are working together this episode, and their patient wants the pain. Why — you ask? Well, he says the pain is what he deserves because he killed someone. Well, okay, I didn’t expect that at all.

Turns out, the man thinks he killed someone because he had been counseling a parishioner who committed suicide. Claire takes it upon herself to educate the patient that he, indeed, did not kill the person. Morgan, on the other hand, thinks Claire should leave what he believes alone. I am hoping for some more Morgan/Claire interactions throughout this episode!

Lim and Park are working together as well on a patient who tells them about a premonition. Hmm interesting. Meanwhile, Shaun is in the pathology department now courtesy of Han. Sigh. Freaking Han.

It’s not simple

Claire’s patient recounts the story of how his parishioner was depressed and disregarded his call because he was having a drink. Even though his wife tells him he’s not his fault, he takes the full blame.

Park pays a visit to Shaun and asks how he’s faring away from surgery. He tells him that if he’s unhappy, he needs to speak up to Han. I really dig how Park is helping Shaun stand up for himself. I mean, even Lim is trying to get Han to let Shaun come back to being a surgical resident. This is some teamwork that I am so here for! But Han is not easily giving in. He’s even more stubborn than Andrews. Goodness.

After failing the surgery, Claire’s patient is livid that he can no longer feel his pain. He tells her to try it again. He’s really playing with fire her, and I can see this not ending well. Especially with Claire pushing him for his belief in regards to his pain.

Fighting for Shaun

Omg, Claire, she is the best. She goes into Han’s office, telling him that he might be biased about Shaun. In fact, she brought in pages of cases in which Shaun helped contribute. Even though Han shot her down, I have to give it to her for trying. At the beginning of this show, who knows if anyone would have spoken up. This act spoke volumes about Claire’s character.

Is a miracle about to take place at St. Jose? It would seem that the patient’s tumor has shrunk considerably within a two-week span.

Lim tells Shaun that it’s best if he stays out of Han’s way. She still hears him out about the patient’s diagnosis, but she doesn’t want him to cause any trouble for himself it would seem. Shaun asks her if he was Claire, would she let her bring this up to Han. At that, Lim tells Shaun that she would. When he asks if Han was right about sending him to pathology, she tells him honestly that Han’s decision was not a good one. Boom, Lim is 100% on Shaun’s side.

Spring…errr cabinet cleaning

I am so glad Glassman and Shaun are friends again. Lea and Glassman are both worried about Shaun’s distress, who has been alphabetizing for the past couple of hours. Glassman tells Shaun that he won’t be the one to tell Han to put Shaun back as a surgical resident. He tells him he must stand up for himself — he can’t do it for him.

OH crap. Shaun goes into a patient’s room and starts shuffling through her purse, but guess who shows up? Yep, Han catches him in the act because of course he does. Han calls him into his office, telling Shaun that if this happens again, he’ll be forced to fire him. Why did it have to be Han to catch Shaun? WHYYYYYY?!!?!

Ignoring what Han is telling him, Shaun goes right ahead to tell him what is actually wrong with the patient. However, Han won’t let Shaun go to the patient himself. I sense that Han will tell the patient and take credit for it. I feel it.

Trouble in paradise

Debbie comes to Glassman’s house to tell him that she isn’t actually seeing someone else like she told him earlier. The reason why she doesn’t want to go out with him is that they’re not good together. When he protests that statement, she tells him it hurt when he pushed her away after he fell. That was a little harsh of her, I am not going to lie.

Woah, talk about a plot twist. Han takes Shaun’s advice and lets him follow him to the patient’s room to tell her the news. She has a worm. And then the unthinkable happens — Han gives Shaun credit while in the patient’s room. Then we have the moment when Shaun stands up for himself to Han. Yas, a thousand times yas!

Of course, that does nothing for Han. He still thinks Shaun fits in pathology. Oh my gosh, Lim’s face as she watches this broke me.

“Can I give you a hug too, Dr. Murhphy?” “No.” Same, Shaun, same.

I am so glad that tonight’s episode didn’t make me cry tonight. I cried too much in recent episodes, so it was a nice break. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Sound off below or tweet us!

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