‘Shadowhunters’ 3×11: EP Todd Slavkin discusses that HUGE Morgenstern twist

That bond and what it means going forward...

Shadowhunters 3×11 Season 3, Episode 11, “Lost Souls” Aired Feb. 25th 2019

WOW! At the end of the Shadowhunters 3B premiere, a huge new twist was revealed. Turns out the new mark that Clary has is more than just a parting gift from Lilith – it’s a full on bond to her brother.

In Shadowhunter 3×11, Clary tried to run, she tried to play along and then she went in for the kill (obvi). What Clary (and fans) didn’t expect was that the wound she inflicted on Jonathan would be inflicted on her too!

Freeform/John Medland

What will this mean going forward? We chatted with one of the showrunners, Todd Slavkin about the Morgenstern Bond and what it’s all about.

“In terms of their bond, Lilith drew a mark on both of them. And that mark – we explore the consequences from that mark. It wasn’t just like a battery charge. They are bonded together in ways that neither one of them could have ever imagined. And that bond only continues to grow and get more intense,” Slavkin said.

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It’s unclear what this will mean for the entire team going forward as well. They will likely want to take Jonathan down, but they can’t do that without hurting Clary. And now that Clary knows this, we have to wonder if she will start to embrace her Morgenstern side a little more, even if it’s just for self preservation or will this make her go total darkside?

“It leads to complications with all of the characters and we get to explore stuff that we’ve hinted at with Clary’s Morgenstern side of her and the Morgenstern bloodline that runs through her. When we saw her defeat her dad, and brutally beat him with her hands, we saw that side of her. And that side now – with a little supernatural help – [will] evolve,” Slavkin added.

(Freeform/John Medland)

We can’t wait to see what this will mean for Clary going forward, and how this twist will change her relationship with her team. Let’s hope she can resist the pull of Jonathan and her family’s dark history!

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