‘I Am the Night’ 1×05: Sinister discovery made in “Aloha”

I Am the Night recap: Season 1, Episode 5, “Aloha,” aired Feb. 25, 2019.

The pieces of the puzzle start fitting together this episode as a sinister discovery is made. This episode is sure to give you the creeps and explores more of what we’ve unraveled in previous episodes. Let’s dig in.

Backstories and more

The episode starts off with a court hearing. It centers around Dr. Hodel and Tamar, with the lawyer saying Tamar’s fantasy world has her wanting to be the dominant female in her household. That she’s so focused on sex, which considering her dad throws sex parties, isn’t all too surprising. The lawyer also tells the courtroom that Tamar accused Hodel of being the Black Daliah killer.

Jay’s editor, Jack, is the king of being so done. He has no time for Jay, and he’s just so over everything. However, he is interested that Jay found Tamar’s daughter. Interested enough that he agrees to buy tickets for Jay and Fauna to find Tamar in Hawaii.

I can see Jimmy’s hesitance of letting Fauna go to Hawaii with Jay. Even he agrees that it looks bad that he’s going away with a 16-year-old. Yeah, looks pretty odd to me as well. Enough for  Jimmy to run after Jay with a butchers knife. Dude, I would run. Turns out, Fauna does some running of her own with Jay. Again, going out of state with a stranger is not something Fauna should probably be doing but whatever, she’s doing it.

Aloha, Hawaii!

I don’t know if they actually filmed in Hawaii or not, but this cinematography is beyond beautiful! I like how Jay is dressed like himself, but Fauna is decked out in Hawaain gear. Aloha, indeed! However, Jay does rock those heart-shaped, red sunglasses.

Seems like nobody on this island has heard of Tamar. My guess is that she changed her name so she wouldn’t ever be found. After a quick fight with some Marine men, Jay and Fauna go in search of a place to stay. He lets Fauna have the room while he sleeps in the car, which is less creepy. And thus begins Jay’s nightmares of seeing that stalker dude he killed along with men from war.

Jay confides in Fauna about when you take a life, it sticks with you forever. My heart breaks for Jay a bit. Fauna, however, doesn’t care about how he feels about taking a life. She’s only alive because he took a life. In the morning, it seems they’re getting along better when Fauna tells him to hold still, and he doesn’t comply.

The truth is ugly

I love the fact they have Chris Pine walking around with those heart-shaped glasses. He can rock them better than I ever could, lol.

Oh my gosh! They actually found Tamar. She tells Fauna that she never got to hold her when she was born. Which, didn’t Fauna’s mom tell her that Tamar was the one who gave her the baby? This is interesting. She put Negro on her birth certificate because she wanted for Fauna to feel like she belonged. So, uh, who is the father then?!

Tamar is a little rough around the edges. She’s not fast to admit who the father is, but she is fast enough to tell Fauna why Mrs. Hodel doesn’t like her. She recounts the trial where she reveals that Dr. Hodel had sex with her. Oh my gosh, this is sickening. Poor Fauna finds out that her father might also be her grandfather. She takes her anger out on Jay, and he wants nothing more than to leave Fauna out of the story. At least he’s trying to have a good moral compass. I don’t think this will bode well for his career, though, if he doesn’t mention her.

The puzzle pieces together

I guess Jay is just going to jump into it with Tamar. He tells her he was the one who covered the trial, and that he believed every word he said. When he tells her that they can stop Dr. Hodel, she laughs out loud. Unfortunately, that creep is untouchable. She also tells Jay that everyone knew Hodel was, in fact, the Black Daliah killer. Disgusting.

“He already owns you,” Tamar tells Jay. I am officially creeped out. She gives him some loot that Hodel sends her, which add up to be pictures of the women he killed. It’s then that Jay comes to the conclusion that it was Hodel. He tells Fauna about his findings — that Hodel might be a murderer. Now, Fauna, you definitely shouldn’t try meeting up with him now.

Peter does NOT want to see the pictures of the dead girls while eating dinner. It’s then that we see Peter is slowly falling apart. “Real evil is tricky, Jay.” DID PETER SET JAY UP!??!! I am so livid right now! Betrayal! BETRAYAL! He just set Jay up to be arrested! WHAT THE WHAT!

Dr. Hodel makes a home visit

Fauna calls Jimmy to thank her for taking care of her, for being her mother. She tells Fauna to come home, and that even if she isn’t her real mother, she’s her mother at heart. But holy shhheeettt, she tells Fauna not to come home as we see Hodel in Jimmy’s house. Oh gosh. This cannot be good.

Hodel is creepy af. Why does he have a knife? Put it down, you creep! The music is getting creepy and intense, and he just locked the door. This is not looking good. A knock sounds at the door as Jimmy tries to throw the hot pan at Hodel, and he lunges at her, stabbing her. WHAT THE HELL!

Well, a lot went down in this episode. It just keeps getting darker as more and more is revealed. What did you think of this episode? Sign off below or tweet us!

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