‘The Good Doctor’ 2×15: Best moments from “Risk and Reward”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 2, Episode 15, “Risk and Reward,” aired Feb. 18, 2019.

Catch up on last week’s episode before the newest one tomorrow! In case you were all wondering, yes, this episode did make me cry. I just can’t help it; this show is emotional af, but I love it. Let’s dig into this episode!

Melendez and the irony

The new chief of surgery, who we’ll talk about later, is having Melendez do a diagnosis type thingy, which is not what he’s about. Melendez makes it very clear to Han that he’s a surgeon. Like, helllllooo, Melendez is king of this dang hospital.

Morgan and Park are enlisted in helping him, and when they ask about Han, Melendez’s description of him is very similar to himself. As soon as he tells them that he’s egotistical and all that stuff, Morgan and Park give him major side eye because he literally just described himself. That scene was amazing.

Morgan and Park also have a discussion about their personalities. Morgan wants to switch with another resident’s shift so she can work with Han. She wants to kiss his butt, so she can be number 1 resident. When Park tells her that she can just try to be nice and a decent person, she tells him kissing butt is just easier. Well, there’s that.

Freaking Han

Let’s meet the new chief of surgery, Doctor Han. Here’s what we know about him: he likes jamming to music during surgery, he doesn’t like Shaun and he’s an even bigger jerk than Melendez is. That is saying something. Suffice to say, I am not a fan of Han. At all.

He tells Shaun that he just shouldn’t talk to the patients family because he doesn’t consider their feelings. Lim and Claire are quick to defend Shaun, which was endearing to me. I love that they stick up for Shaun because it shows how the relationships on the show have truly transformed.

However, Han doesn’t really give a crap about anything. He insists that Shaun isn’t a good fit to be a surgical resident, so he tells him that he’s going to transfer him to another hospital in another department. Ah, hold the phone. Shaun is just as annoyed with Han’s decision as I am, and he tells him that he’s a surgical resident and he’s here to stay.

You tell him, Shaun! Han seems to be making enemies all across the board at the hospital. The guy didn’t even show up to his welcome party. Free food, man. You missed free food.

Percy’s in trouble

This honestly broke my heart in half. I was sobbing during the procedures of the little baby, Percy. After Shaun tells the mother of the baby that it’s her fault that the baby is having complications after taking anti-depressants, tensions start arising between surgeons and husband and wife.

When Han and Lim realize there’s no saving Percy, I am just straight up heartbroken. When Claire went with Han to tell the parents, I wanted to curl in a ball and cry. I love Claire because she’s so compassionate towards the patients and their families. Han could never.

However, miracles happen all the time on this show. Percy is able to survive after they decide to take her off life support. It’s happiness all around the hospital for surgeons and their families. I was so relieved!

Glassman’s making friends

A young man tries to befriend Glassman because he tells him they all need to stick together during chemo. Glassman, however, isn’t all too keen on the idea. He doesn’t want to make friends. He’s there for only one reason: to start his healing.

Shaun thinks that it’s smart that the young man is gaining alleys through his treatment. After he tells Glassman that, it seems like he has a change of heart. He goes back to chemo and starts a card game with one of the patient’s. It seems like he’s coming around!

More thoughts

  • I like when Park and Morgan work together. I don’t really have a reason, but I think they make a good team.
  • I freaking love Claire.
  • Han can leave and never come back, and I would be okay with that.
  • Melendez’s sass is always my favorite thing.
  • I can’t say enough how much I love that Lim and Claire were sticking up for Shaun.

So, yeah, this was an emotionally charged episode once again. Did you cry during this episode too? Sound off below or tweet us your reactions!

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