‘Russian Doll’ 1×02 Recap: “The Great Escape”

New life, new questions.

After a banging debut episode, Russian Doll continued to impress the viewers with episode two – focusing on Nadia coming to terms with her new life, questioning her mental health and going on a search for what the heck was in that cocaine she was smoking.

Things have already started to drastically change, as she stops off at the grocery store she was seen in the first episode and asks Ferran about his friend that was having troubles, except he doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about, making Nadia and also the viewers feel very confused as to what’s going on.

What is in that joint!?

Nadia gets in touch with Maxine’s drug dealer, Wardog, in order to set up a meeting to talk about the cocaine. Before that however, she needs to get to this Code Review her phone reminds her about every time she dies. Her manager accuses Nadia of putting a bug in to the gaming system they are currently creating, in which Nadia responds by calmly fixing the bug in a mere two seconds, putting all of the men in the room to shame. Nadia gets a text from Wardogand rushes out of the meeting to finally get some answers.

Wardog lets Nadia in on the password to their secret room at the bar and he also tells Nadia that he rolled the joints himself and from his new supplier, added cocaine to them. After leaving the bar, Nadia’s ex-boyfriend, John, calls her with concerns, leading to an argument between the pair and the first death of the episode – falling down open cellar doors. Ouch.

When Nadia escapes from the party, again, she runs straight back to the bar where Wardog is and uses the secret password he gave her prior her first death of the episode. Nadia learns that Wardog’s new supplier, Dr. Daniel, actually used Ketamine and not Cocaine in the joint she smoked – the plan is to use it as a treatment for cancer patients. Outside, Nadia see’s her grocery store friend Ferran, leaving with his sick friend she saw in the first episode and unfortunately, falls down the same cellar doors as before and dies.

Falling down the stairs x 4

Although it’s clearly never funny to experience death, Nadia’s encounter with her best friend’s apartment building’s stairs is quite the entertainment. After having a row with Maxine, Nadia knocks in to a man on the stairs falling to her death. With every attempt to leave the building, no matter how Nadia goes down them stairs – she always ends up with a broken neck. After multiple rows after with Max, Nadia sticks around for the full event – drinking and doing drugs by herself until she passes out on the couch. The next morning, Nadia tries a different exit strategy and leaves through the fire escape, with the help of her other best friend, Lizzy.

Mommy Issues

Nadia goes to visit Ruth, a mother to her and a therapist, seeking support of what to do. At this point, we don’t know much about her mom, except that she was struggling with her mental health. Nadia believes that she is more like her mom than she wanted to be and subtly hints to Ruth that she needs to enter a mental health facility. When an ambulance comes to collect Nadia, they ask for her to remove the necklace around her neck, in which she refuses. Being in the ambulance alone with two men startles Nadia and she tries to escape, until the car crashes and she ends up back at square one anyway.

Back at the party, Nadia walks by a bouquet of flowers from episode one, now wilting away…

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