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‘Roswell, New Mexico’: 13 Malex GIFs that prove the thirst is real

Prepare to swoon.

On Roswell, New Mexico, Alex Manes and Michael Guerin (Malex) are the hottest, sweetest couple that’s not yet a couple. Over the course of the first five episodes, we see that there is a deep, emotional history between them. From the very first episode, it was evident that #Malex was going to melt our souls (in the best way).

This relationship isn’t without it’s rocky roads, and it’s that turbulence that makes their story so compelling to watch. Also, watching the insanely hot guys kissing is just a good idea for everyone.

What it is it about two men with longing glares and occasional cowboy hats that makes fans go so crazy? We would explore that more, but you probably already stopped reading so you could scroll to the hotness below and we aren’t even mad about it. GET. IT.

13 Malex GIFs that prove the thirst is real

This was the moment when we all became Malex obsessed

This GIF will ruin your life and improve it AT THE SAME TIME!

When Isobel asked if there was someone Michael would risk everything for, his eyes went to Alex

When they finally talk about their feelings

And then this. UFOMG.

PAUSE – are you okay? Do you need to hydrate?

YOWZA. There are many more, and more in the future (we hope)! We love this intense, complex and loving couple and we can’t wait to learn more about them!

What’s your favorite Malex GIF? SEND IT TO US (No, really. We need them all. For science.) Comment below or hit us up on twitter!

Listen to episodes 1-10 of our Roswell, New Mexico Podcast here: Space Cowboys: A Pure Fandom Podcast 

Watch Roswell, New Mexico on The CW on Tuesdays at 9/8c and you can catch up on episodes you missed on The CW App! 


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