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‘Manifest’: Why we NEED a season 2

Okay, it’s been a couple days since the season 1 finale of Manifest, and there has been no word yet whether it’s been renewed or not. I’m pretty optimistic about a renewal. The show has been killing it with ratings and viewership, so the odds are looking good. The cast and crew are also super active on Twitter with fans, which is super cool. They’ve made a great fanbase. It’s no secret that this show has become my latest fave, and here’s why it NEEDS to be renewed:


It’s unique

I wasn’t quite sure what this show was going to be when I first watched the pilot. However, when I watched the first episode, I knew that this show was going to be an adventure. Throughout the whole season, it did not let me down.

The show keeps you guessing — you literally never know what direction it’s going to go in. While I am impatient with mysteries on shows, I’m okay with waiting for answers with this one. Each episode keeps me on edge and wanting more. But also, I want all the answers.

There’s also not another show like this in the current TV landscape. Medical dramas are plentiful on TV, so Manifest was a nice change of scenery. It has drama, mystery and hints of supernatural strewn throughout. Watching it is a nice change of pace from everything else on TV.

The characters are SO real

None of the characters are flawless and have their lives together. And that’s totally okay; we need more characters in the media that aren’t perfect because it’s just not real otherwise. I like seeing Michaela, Ben, Jared, etc have slip-ups. It shows they’re human.

I think it’s probably why I’ve been so drawn into the show — the characters. The women on the show (Michaela, Saanvi and etc) all have characteristics that are admiring for young women watching the show. They’re smart, strong, selfless and flawed, and that’s why they’re so awesome. They’re just regular people that have voices in their heads that tell them what to do…

Really, I like something from all the characters, even when they sometimes do questionable things.

Also, the cast is awesome!

I live for the angst/drama

I am living for this angst and drama going on! It’s not over-the-top, but enough where it keeps you wanting to throw your TV out the window. For example, the love triangle/square thing between Michaela, Jared, Zeke and Lourdes, it’s crazy, but I am living for it.

The angstier, the better. That’s my motto for TV shows.

Those cliffhangers need answers

Number 1 reason why it needs to be renewed: THE CLIFFHANGERS.

I need to know the baby drama that is bound to happen with Grace and Ben, especially when I foresee Danny making an entrance at some point. I want to know how that will transpire for the Stone family because I’m almost positive it’s Danny’s baby. They finally all came together again, and I just know something is going to shake it up.

Of course, I also need to know what went down during the last scene between Zeke, Jared and Michaela. Who got shot?! I need everyone to be okay, and I need Zeke and Michaela to be a thing. It needs to happen.

Because it just needs to be

In conclusion, it just needs to be renewed because I want it to be. Manifest is the one show I look forward to every week. With it falling on Mondays, it makes Mondays less Mondayish. If you guys remember my Once Upon a Time days (I LOVED it), that was one show I got hyped for every week. That’s how I feel with this show.

Here at Pure Fandom, we have our fingers tripled crossed for its renewal! I am hooked on this show, and I would love to see more seasons in the future. Want to fangirl/boy about Manifest with us? Tweet us or sound off below!
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