‘Good Trouble’ 1×07 recap: “Swipe Right”

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Good Trouble episode 1×07 “Swipe Right” aired February 20, 2019

The girls in The Coterie find each other dates using Shipper, the Good Trouble version of Tinder. Callie sits this one out because she’s very busy in her own love triangle. Also, she finally remembers she has to study for the bar exam.

Here are some dating Do’s and Don’ts according to the gals from Good Trouble.

Date #1 Mariana 

Do: Keep an open mind to new experiences.

Don’t: Talk about yourself the entire date.  

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Mariana’s date is the worst. I can’t even find his name, and I don’t care. This dude believes he’s God’s gift to humanity, and Mariana hates every minute of it.

She gets rescued from her date from hell by a nice guy at the bar. Mariana appreciates the save and she and the guy hit it off. She’s a little bummed out when he mentions he has a girlfriend, that is, until he invites her back to his place to meet his girlfriend.

The couple is really into Mariana and guess what? She’s into it. Everyone is flirting with each other, and Mariana gets what the deal is. She takes a moment to think it over and then goes for it. And that’s how Mariana end ups in her first threesome and she loves it!

She tells Callie all about it, sharing that the transition to living in LA has been hard for her, so it was nice to be the center of someone’s attention, and last night she was.

Date #2 Alice

Do: Be yourself.

Don’t: Bail on your date for your needy ex.

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Alice’s date goes surprisingly well. In fact, she’s the first one to take her date home. And while there are some false-starts there, Alice and her date are very into each other.

Then Sumi ruins it all, because of course. Sumi shows up crying, she and her fiancé had fight and she wants Alice to comfort her. I cheered a little when Alice turns her away. But wasn’t surprised when it was revealed she changed her mind, and chose comforting Sumi over her promising date.

I love Alice so much and she deserves all the happiness in the world. Unfortunately for Alice she tends to put everyone else’s needs and happiness before hers . Still, all is not lost, Alice takes another step in the right direction when she calls into the radio show that her failed date hosts and asks for a second date. She gets the date, and we all cheer for Alice!

Date #3 Davia and Paul

Do: Embrace revenge sex. 

Don’t: Date a married man.

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Davia and her date, Paul…don’t start off on the right foot. Davia’s not looking for anything serious, she does have a boyfriend even if he is married. She’s just looking for a little fun, and Paul…is not it. He unironically loves Dave Matthews Band.

Davia and Paul get drunk together and drunk Davia is much nicer to Paul. She decides to give him some advice and that she’s going to rebrand him. As she’s showing him her Instagram, Davia finds out that Jeff lied to her about not being in town.

So Davia takes Paul home and sleeps with him. Afterwards, she takes a selfie in bed with Paul and texts it to Jeff. It’s petty, but I love it. Davia claims she’s finally done with Jeff, but shall have to wait and see if she keeps her word….

Date #4 Malika and Isaac

Do: Use romantic gestures to win over your date.

Don’t: Write off people without a thought.

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Full disclosure, this was probably my favorite of the dates, and it didn’t even start as one. Malika’s storylines so far have been focused on her activism. Here Malika gets to be a bit more playful, while still being the badass we love.

Malika swipes right on a hot dude. He doesn’t swipe back. Then the hottie (whose name is Isaac) shows up at her bar. This time he’s definitely interested, and Malika is the one who ignores him.

They flirt as they debate their favorite rom-coms. Isaac thinks every rom-com ends with a chase, Malika argues that they end with a gesture. I think I love these two.

Maiika calls Isaac out, he swiped left on her, so he doesn’t get her number now. She correctly guesses that every girl he matched with on the app is a pretty white girl. Isaac dismissed her without a second thought, so she’s not interested.

And that’s that.

I’m kidding of course. Isaac comes back later with a basketball, you see, he’s figured out that her favorite rom-com is Love & Basketball, so he challenges to a one-on-one game. If he wins, they go on date. If he loses, he’s gone. He’s making a gesture!

In a Love & Basketball homage, they have their one-on-one. Shirts even come off during the game, it’s great. Isaac’s gesture works and they two end up hooking up. This is one hook-up I hope isn’t a one-time thing.

Also, if you haven’t seen Love & Basketball you totally should.

Non-Date: Callie and Gael

Don’t: Project your insecurities on the guy your seeing.

Do: Study for your bar exam.

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I’m going to be honest, I’ve been stressing about how little studying Callie had been doing up until now. Callie realizes this too, and tells Gael that they should hit pause on their thing for the weekend so she can focus on studying and he can focus on his art.

It doesn’t take a lot for these two to distract each and fall back into bed. Afterwards, she freaks out on him and they get into a fight. Eventually Callie is honest with Gael about what’s really bothering her. She’s afraid that being with him is hurting her career. Callie decides to call off their thing until after she passes the bar exam.

I’m proud of Callie for recognizing what she needed right now, but I wonder how long she’ll actually be able to stay away from Gael. Plus, Bryan just told Gael he wants to be exclusive.

Next week, Noah Centineo guest stars! Let’s see if “woah, woah, woah” makes an appearance.



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