‘Deadly Class’ recap: Episode 1×06, “Stigmata Martyr”

It's a month after Las Vegas, and no one's really dealing with it well...

Deadly Class season 1 episode 6, “Stigmata Martyr,” aired 20 February 2019.

“We don’t have to let the damage define us.”

Maria’s off her meds

Jumping a month forward, life back at King’s Dominion has completely changed. All of the crew are trying to cope in different ways, but Maria is having the worst time with it. In this episode, we get to see her backstory.

When she was a little girl, Chico and his father, El Alma del Diablo (The Soul of the Devil), came and killed her family, claiming they stole from him. Maria was hiding, but when they find her, her father pleads with El Alma del Diablo to let her live. The only reason he does is because little Chico speaks up, saying she could be useful.

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Having such a messed up relationship, where she resented and hated him but also loved him, had to have been hard. Now Maria has to live with the guilt and all those mixed feelings. To make matters worse, Maria’s scared Chico’s father will find out, and he’s put her in charge of figuring out who’s responsible.

Marcus and Maria have been dating in secret since Las Vegas. There’s definitely an attraction there, but Marcus also feels indebted to her. So when Maria decides she doesn’t need to take her medicine for her bipolar disorder anymore, Saya tells Marcus the truth about it, and that he needs to her her under control. Maria’s careless attitude reveals the secret to Petra, who promises she won’t tell.

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With her emotions constantly in flux, Maria thinks Saya is jealous of her and Marcus, and she basically tries to kill him with a bow and arrow. Saya thankfully saves him, and when Marcus catches up and finds out Maria did it, she breaks down, distraught and repeatedly apologizing. Marcus gives in, and he has sex with her for the first time.

Billy gives love advice

Billy’s still hung up on Petra, but his new technique for gaining her affection is to pretend he doesn’t like her. Doesn’t make much sense, but okay. It doesn’t really work how he planned, as he ends up tied up by Miss De Luca, and not in a good way.

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Marcus has never been in a relationship before so he goes to Billy for advice. He tells Marcus just to say whatever Maria wants to here to make her happy. Thankfully, Marcus doesn’t listen and makes an adorable, heartfelt mixtape for their one month anniversary.

Billy also claims he just only free after killing his own father. We don’t believe that, and it doesn’t seem like Marcus does either, but he doesn’t question it.

First roomie fight

After Shabnam embarrasses Viktor in class, Viktor rounds up some friends and plans to torture Shabnam in the locker room. Marcus walks in and stops it, making fun of Viktor.

Instead of responding with gratitude, Shabnam’s angry, saying he only made it worse. Hopefully that won’t come back to bite Marcus in the butt.

Willie’s got a girlfriend

As the sweet pacifist he is, Willie’s not doing so great after Vegas. He’s not sleeping well, and seems in low spirits. At least he has his job at the comic book store, and he got Marcus a job there too.

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When a cute girl comes in and hits on him, he’s completely oblivious. Marcus tells him what happened, and he gets a second chance to talk to a girl named Gabrielle. She’s cute, and hopefully she’ll bring Willie some much needed joy.

Family matters

After seeing his reluctance to kill Jürgen, Master Gao comes to visit King’s Dominion, changing up rules and asserting dominance. She interrogates Maria and the other students but no one spills what happened.

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In class, Brandy fails because she attacks Maria and Saya instead of her opponents, and Gao forces the teacher to change her grade to an A. When Master Lin meets with Gao in his office later, we learn that she’s actually his little sister, but they were trained separately, resulting in their starkly different values.

Another big reveal comes when he sneaks out to a nice house. A young girl comes out calling him, “Daddy,” and then at the door is the woman he visited in episode four. Are these the daughter and wife he always talks about losing?

Sorry Marcus, it wasn’t a hallucination…

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Of course, after dealing with the whirlwind that is Maria and everything else, it always has to get worse for Marcus. Willie, giddy in love, tells Marcus he has a call, but he doesn’t know anyone so that doesn’t make sense. When he answers, it’s his worst nightmare: Chester.

His old roommate has been initiating his plan for fame. Going by the name F***face, he’s committed a few murders, tagging it with graffiti, and it’s ended up in the papers. But he’s angry that Marcus got all the credit for the deaths at the boy’s home, and he wants revenge.

He tells Marcus that he has Chico’s body, and if he doesn’t find it in three days, F***face’s going to send it to home with a note proclaiming who did it. Well, add that to Marcus’ list of problems.

Extra thoughts

Maria Gabriela de Faria is doing an amazing job at portraying Maria and her hardships with grief and bipolar disorder. We love seeing shows explore such difficult topics, and we’re excited to see what’s next for her character!

We haven’t seen Lex in a couple episodes, but hopefully he shows up again soon. Also, Brandy seems surprisingly cunning and resourceful. Is that going to be a problem for Marcus and the others in the future?


Season one of Deadly Class airs on SYFY, Wednesdays at 10PM.

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