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‘Arrow’ recap: 7×13, “Star City Slayer”

Arrow recap: Season 7, Episode 13, “Star City Slayer” Aired Feb. 11, 2019.

It was with bated breath we encroached upon the possibilities of a baby. An Olicity child. Even so, we watched and we documented.

There was scotch and tattoos. Badass synchronicities. Flawless transitions. And an all consuming gut feeling that she has to be someone extremely important in this universe.

But there was also a promise to Oliver Queen that we couldn’t ignore. That after he’s survived all of his islands, he can live. He can live a life with his wife, son, and daughter. He can feel the warmth of a family even if he’s a protector to Star City. Because really, he has earned that much.

“I’m Felicity’s daughter… and your sister.”


Mia Smoak is the child of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak.

Let that sink in.

After William so gracefully tells Mia that Felicity is his step mom (and he’s gay), she drops the nuclear bomb. It was fantastic, and everything I wanted it to be.

Well… of course there is a small matter of this apocalyptic Star City and Mia going by the last name Smoak, not Queen. Obviously, something disastrous happens… but her royalty status as Queen is always implied.

Bye Young William…?

William gets kicked out of boarding school for fighting and the school doesn’t call his parents to let them know? Plot meet hole.

Plot holes aside, he calls his grandparents because he wants to live with them in Central City. Which I get. Especially when everyone knows your father is the Green Arrow, your life may or may not be threatened on the regular.

However, I’m glad Oliver put on his big boy parenting pants on and had it out with his son before he left. Felicity can’t be bad cop all the time, Oliver.

But this cannot be what happened right? William decides he wants to live with his grandparents and Oliver and Felicity never see them again…? Oliver has been very adamant about maintaining a relationship with William and how under no circumstances, will he ever abandon his family.

Then 20 years later William doesn’t know he had a sister and says that is exactly what happened.

Stan The Fan

Stan The Fan returns in the creepiest episode of Arrow yet. I think Arrow can stand to insert more horror-movie-esque vibes into their more grounded themes, I live to be spooked.

The scariest thing is not being able to move when there is a serial killer with a knife at your throat. Anyone ever had sleep paralysis? Yeah it’s not fun.

But can Stan please stay? He’s is wayyyyy more terrifying than Diaz. I know that doesn’t say much because Diaz isn’t terrifying in the slightest.

Anyways, Stan’s backstory actually makes sense. Him and his brother were abused their whole lives by their parents, Stan killed them, his brother found out and left him, so Stan killed his brother. Now he is looking for replacement brother in Oliver, and eliminating who he sees as bad for him.

So he slits Dinah’s throat and tries to make the Queen family understand by paralyzing them and breaking into their home. Solid plan, Stan.

But Curtis is able to save Dinah with his T-spheres and the Queen family work together to smash a soda bottle in Stan’s face. Team work makes the dream work.

Farewell, Curtis!

So many goodies in this episode I almost forgot about Curtis. He accepted a job in DC and is moving away. And speaking as a fan of this arrangement, I think his exit into the sunset was the best way it could have gone.

Stray thoughts:


Arrow returns Monday, March 4, at 8 PM on The CW.


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