‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Series Premiere: Spoiler-free review

No spoilers!

Whiskey Cavalier series premiere, “Pilot,” airs Feb. 27 on ABC, with a sneak peek Feb. 24 after the Oscars – spoiler-free review

I had high hopes for this show from the previews alone, prompted to watch the commercials because they used a song by The Struts. However, I kept watching because of the content. I was enticed.

Now, after watching the pilot of Whiskey Cavalier, I was not disappointed.

About Whiskey Cavalier, straight from ABC:

Following an emotional breakup, Will Chase (codename: “Whiskey Cavalier”), is assigned to work with badass CIA operative Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge (codename: “Fiery Tribune”). Together, they lead an inter-agency team of flawed, funny and heroic spies who periodically save the world—and each other—while navigating the rocky roads of friendship, romance and office politics.

No bad pilot syndrome here

This pilot sent us right into the action without all the introductory buildup that is the downfall of so many other pilots. In fact, we end up getting to know the characters through the action and their interactions with other characters.

This might actually be more efficient than giving full backstories at the start; it certainly makes for more interesting characters since the viewer doesn’t know everything about them right off the bat.

Whiskey Cavalier spoiler-free review FBI CIA Lauren Cohan Scott Foley
(ABC/Larry D. Horricks)

Buckle up, shippers

Everything about Will and Frankie’s relationship is straight out of fan-fiction. Take one bad-ass woman who doesn’t do emotional attachments and has trust issues. Match her with one sensitive guy who believes in true love. The two clash on literally everything, so let’s force them to work together. It’s the perfect recipe for loads of sexual tension, plus lots of glorious banter. And it is all DELICIOUS.

Whiskey Cavalier sets up these perfect situations that force Frankie and Will to bond, and I’m excited to see how they both grow as characters and how their relationship grows. From first sight, the romantic relationship between the two feels inevitable, and I am so here for it!

Whiskey Cavalier spoiler-free review Lauren Cohan and Scott Foley Will Chase and Frankie Trowbridge
(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Bonus: We’re not limited to Frankie and Will’s real names when it comes to creating a ship name. With codenames like Fiery Tribune and Whiskey Cavalier, we will have the coolest ship name ever. I’m open to suggestions.

High-stakes fun

The stakes are undeniably high for the agencies, yet not a moment of the show is taken too seriously. It’s great to have an hour long, action-packed show that also keeps you laughing.

While the humor doesn’t impede the plot, this isn’t a show for those looking for a focus on the agencies and their missions. The missions are there throughout the episode, but it’s the characters that drive the plot.

Whiskey Cavalier spoiler-free review Scott Foley Tyler James Williams Will Chase and Standish
(ABC/Larry D. Horricks)

In addition, the show includes many cop show clichés, including destructive, over-the-top chases and slow motion during pivotal moments in fight scenes. There are some seriously inventive weapons here and there, especially when it comes to Frankie, but don’t expect the crime-fighting to be high-tech and pretty freaking cool all the time.

Pay attention

This show is perfect for people who get bored easily at slow-moving movies or shows. There is always some kind of action to keep you watching, whether it be agents bantering at HQ or one of the many, many chase scenes.

Whiskey Cavalier spoiler-free review Scott Foley Will Chase
(ABC/Bruno Calvo)

In the pilot alone, we head to multiple countries, but what’s great about all the action is that each of the scenes is important to the plot. Everything included serves a purpose. Slowing things down would risk unnecessary scenes, which causes a lot of that short attention span-induced boredom. The Whiskey Cavalier series premiere is the most efficient use of 43 minutes I’ve seen in a while.

Who can you trust?

Another thing to keep people watching is that you never know who to trust. Being a show about secret agents and clever criminals, any person on the screen could be a person of interest. Keeping the viewer guessing like this is a surefire way to keep them invested, and it’s a total success.

Plus, since any character can end up being an agent or a criminal, there are some seriously cool plot twists and other surprises – some I saw coming, but some blew my mind.

Whiskey Cavalier 2019 TCA Press Tour Scott Foley Lauren Cohan promo
(ABC/Image Group LA)

Whiskey Cavalier has all the elements you’d expect from a cops-and-robbers-esque show – fight scenes, chases, lots of weapons – with a solid plot underneath. If you’re looking for a show featuring federal agents that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still has fleshed-out characters and high-stakes action, you’ve found it in Whiskey Cavalier.

Tune in:

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Whiskey Cavalier premieres Wednesday, Feb. 27 on ABC at 10/9c.

(Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin)


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