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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×12 “Menagerie”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 12, “Menagerie” Aired February 17, 2019.

Superfans, it’s Valentine’s Day on Supergirl this week! Boy, we were in for a treat. Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day with candy and a date. Our Superfriends like to celebrate with snakelike creatures, missing hearts, and a new super suit. Let’s break down all the goodies of this episode!

Valentine’s Day Plans


Valentine’s Day is amongst us. The team is all over the place with their emotions.

  • Lena and James (Yes, that’s still a thing.) are questioning their relationship for the hundredth time.
  • Alex realizes her life is still on hold.
  • Kara is still dealing with Alex not knowing she is Supergirl. 
  • Nia is trying to come to terms with her Mom’s death.

Meanwhile Brainy and J’onn are over here chilling. Luckily we have a good old fashioned ship landing, murder, and Valentine’s Day party to shake things up!



Two thieves are on their way home from a heist. A ship crashes in front of them. The guy does not get out of the car, but the woman does. She goes to check it out, like any curious person would. Out of the ship slithers a snakelike creature. (We learn later it is a symbiote.) It slithers into her. She screams.

You know the usual. Next time we see the woman, she goes by Menagerie. The human part of her steals from people. The symbiote gives her the power, as long as it can have the hearts of the victim. Menagerie is clearly crazy and enjoys their partnership.

The DEO pursue the case. Brainy tries to track down the location of Menagerie. The problem is, he is a little distracted.

Valentine’s Date


Brainy went to Nia’s to train. He and Nia once again, had one of their confusing conversations. This is the world’s slowest burn. 

“To be clear, I came over to ask if I can help you train.”

Brainy asks Nia to begin her training to be a superhero. She tells him she is still dealing with her Mother’s death and she isn’t ready. She proceeds to invite him to her Valentine’s Day party.

“It’s a date.”

Nia was nice and clear. Brainy spends the rest of the time stressing out on a gift to get Nia. Alex gives him some advice, which in turn makes her take a look at her own life and what she is doing with it. Brainy with a clearer head after their conversation, tracks down Menagerie.

The Showdown


All of our heroes must leave the party to go deal with Menagerie and The Children of Liberty. Why are they there? Why are they ever there? They are annoying plot devices that hold the place until the main villain comes back. Only this time they are led by his Son. Yes this is a ridiculous as it sounds, considering his Son is like 13.

The DEO have to deal with the Children and Supergirl deals with Menagerie. The fight ensues Supergirl isn’t faring very well. She is covered in symbiotes and is suffocating. Cue the bat! Out of nowhere Menagerie is hit in the back of the head. It’s Dreamer! That’s right, Nia finally takes the suit out for a spin. She goes at Menagerie with a bat.

More Children of Liberty attack Menagerie and cut off the symbiote. The police arrive and take her into custody. For some reason they think the snake is dead and she is human now. I don’t know why? They are dumb.


At the end of the episode, Menagerie gets a letter in jail. Who is it from? Manchester Black. Yay! He is recruiting her to his super villain team. Which we get to meet next episode. She reads the letter and laughs. As she is laughing, a snake crawls under her skin. We all saw that coming!

What did you think of the Super Friends Valentine’s Day? Did you enjoy Dreamer’s entrance? Sound off in the comments!

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