‘Manifest’ season finale: Jaw-dropping moments from “Estimated Time of Departure”

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 16, “Estimated Time of Departure,” aired Feb. 18, 2019.

It’s the season finale, you guys! We have a lot to say, and we’re going to also need news that it’s been renewed. We must get a season 2! There has to be more of this crazy show. I am freaking the heck out. Let’s dig in.

Ohhh warm weather

We are flashbacking to the fam’s vacation in Jamaica, and it looks super warm. I am jealous. Michaela’s mom putting sunscreen on her is literally all moms ever. No matter the age, they’re gonna make you put on sunscreen. Always listen to your mom about sunscreen because you will get burned if you don’t listen and decide you’re too cool for sunscreen.

Wait, we’re really praising Griffin on the news for saving the day? For a bomb that he planted himself? Not cool. In other news, Cal seems to only trust to tell Zeke about his callings, which is interesting. However, Zeke seems to be otherwise occupied getting that bourbon.

There Jared goes again being hella jealous. After getting his fingerprints from his coffee cup, Jared undercovers some of Zeke’s past misdemeanors, and Michaela isn’t all that happy about it. Let it go, Jared. Let her make her own decisions regarding Zeke. In other words, BACK OFF, DUDE.

Seriously, STOP HIM

Seems like most of the passengers are getting the same callings: “Stop him.” Of course, this is in regards to Griffin, and Ben and Saanvi tell Michaela they need to take him down. Michaela seems to think she can still help him, but they’re not so sure. I agree with Ben and Saanvi; Griffin is dangerous.

Back at Michaela’s apartment, she comes face-to-face with Zeke who reveals he heard the calling too. When she goes to comfort him, he tells her that not everyone deserves her compassion. But he does disclose about his assault charge to her, so at least he’s not trying to hide it. I mean, he can’t really.

HE DOESN’T WANT THINGS TO CHANGE BETWEEN THEM. Shipping it so hard. Do not let me down, Zeke. That hug made my heart weak. Hello, feels.

Holy s***! Cal shows Zeke his drawings, and well, they’re not pleasant drawings. They’re tombstones with Michaela, Ben and Cal’s names on them. Shuddering over here. This takes me back to season 5 of OUAT where the heroes had their names on the tombstones. Side note: I think Cal and Zeke together is super sweet.

Keep the callings zipped

Gotta give it to Ben for coming up with solutions that are complicated. Although, they always seem to work. Then Jared’s out here having Zeke followed. I don’t know much about the law enforcement policies, but what he’s doing regarding Zeke seems pretty shady to me. I am curious as to what Zeke is doing…

Zeke, put away the gun! Okay, okay, we’re good. Ish. The callings are back for them to stop Griffin right as he’s about to make his TV appearance, but something else happens instead. He spits up A LOT of water, and by a lot, I’m talking can probably fill a kiddie pool with water. Yeah, so, what was up with that?

Zeke is being a little skittish towards Michaela, and he isn’t going to willingly tell her that if pushed come to shove, he would’ve shot Griffin. I wish he would have been honest with her! I don’t want this to dampen their relationship. Then there’s Jared again…who keeps trying to push Zeke away. You’re just going to push Michaela away, man.

It is def life-changing

Michaela is literally the best. She’s not going to give up on Zeke, so she pays a visit to his mom, explaining to her all the cray going on. There’s a lot of cray, you guys. For example, Griffin’s cause of death being drowned on dry land. Mysterious, indeed. Michaela’s reasoning sounds promising though — he misused the callings and bam. A new, interesting development.

I am calling it: Grace is pregnant with Danny’s child. OMG, now things are getting intense. This cannot go well. In other news, there seems to be some weird calendar of events for the Flight 828 passengers for their death. This is creepy. Even Cal has their deaths as 2024. Um no! NO!

Grace drops the bomb. She’s pregnant! And she’s about six weeks, which brings us to the timeline when the plane came back. Well. Someone give Ben a hug.

Jared and Zeke are fighting, and we know this cannot end well. Zeke tells Jared that what he bought wasn’t drugs, it was a gun. They wrestle for it just as Michaela runs to her apartment, “stop him” chanting in her head. When she goes inside, a gunshot erupts. I AM SO FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. I am not okay. I cannot even. Someone hug me. That cannot be the ending!

Madeline’s Manifest Musings

  • Poor Saanvi. Someone give her a hug, please. I’m really glad she’s reaching out for help, though.
  • That Zeke and Michaela interaction, in the beginning, made my heart swell.
  • Why are we giving Griffin so much media attention? Stop.
  • What happened to Lourdes? To Danny? Are we gonna have some follow-up there? I foresee some drama.
  • Griffin spitting out water was…weird.
  • The jealousy angst…I am lowkey living for it.
  • Jared, you are really making me annoyed af with all this stalking and obsessing you’re doing with Zeke. Go home, get some coffee, binge some Netflix.
  • MAJOR is Saanvi’s therapist. CRAP.
  • I am shaking over that last scene

I am shook. SHOOK. Which means I am really on edge because I don’t like using that word, but alas. Fingers crossed we get that season 2 because this show knows how to bring the intrigue and angst. Tweet us your thoughts or comment below!

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