‘I Am the Night’ 1×04 recap: “Matador”

I Am the Night recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “Matador,” aired Feb. 18, 2019.

If this show teaches you anything, it’s to trust nobody. Fauna and Jay’s paths cross again this episode, but this time in a darker way. Nobody is safe. Let’s dig in.

Being a journalist = creepy morning phone calls

The episode starts off with a husband and wife and the stalker guy at Dr. Hodel’s house. Hodel comes out and leads the woman away, telling her husband to stay put. Yeah, I wouldn’t just follow my creepy doctor around his house, but that’s just me.

Maybe I missed that day during school where suspicious phone calls are made to journalists about work they’re doing.  Jay receives a phone call from Mrs. Hodel, and she seems a tad bit upset. However, she tells Jay she has something to show him…or tell him. Interesting – maybe she’ll call Dr. Hodel out for being a creeper.

Jay’s not giving up; he’s trying to learn as much as he can about the Black Deliah murder. I 100 % believe Dr. Hodel is responsible for it.

Stalker man

Turns out that the man who was spotted after the boy’s murder had the same car as Mr. Stalker. Seems pretty coincidental to me, and it does to Fauna as well. Of course, this news doesn’t bode well with Terrance, who thinks she has a lot to do with his death.

Editor Peter is warming up to Jay’s persistence to dig up the Hodel story. After telling him once again it was rubbish, he goes back to Jay asking if Mrs. Hodel really wants to talk. Well, look who’s coming around!

Sure, Fauna is scared of Jay, but she has no problem pursuing her shady a** grandfather. That makes a lot of sense. I mean, yes, Jay is stranger, but multiple people have told Fauna to stay away from Dr. Hodel so.

Art is weird. Mrs. Hodel is throwing a party of some sort where people can come up to her and cut parts of her dress up. This isn’t weird at all, especially not with people watching. However, when Fauna gets handed the scissors, she refuses. I don’t blame ya.

Ditchin’ your own party

Mrs. Hodel sure knows how to avoid talking about Tamar and anything Fauna wants to know. Although, she does give A LOT of lessons in vocabulary. Like we get it, you’re high class.

Chris Pine to the rescue! After Stalker Guy knocks Fauna out and pulls a knife to her, Jay comes to break up the kidnapping. Phew. Oh my gosh, I think Jay just killed the man with a wrench. I didn’t see that coming. If Fauna wasn’t scared before, she should be now. Seriously, LEAVE!

Yeah, the guy just had too much to drink. We’ll go with that. Fauna is freaking out, as she should be, and is trying to convince Jay to clean up the murder scene. So, they stuff the body in the back of the car and leave him in the middle of nowhere. I really didn’t see this turn of events. I wanted to know what that guy’s deal was!

Apparently, Fauna would also like to know more about the man who’s been following her for years. YEARS.

Time for deals

Fauna is in the market for making deals. She tells Jay if he helps her find out who the Stalker Guy is, he can accompany her to meet Tamar. She also doesn’t want him writing anything that will hurt her or her family. Technically, she doesn’t really have a say in that, but I know, it’s a TV show.

It’s always awkward when you break into some guy’s house and there’s a knock at the door. Thankfully, it was just a mail guy who was delivering an invite for one of, I’m sure weird af, parties at Dr. Hodel’s house.

Fauna’s mom is in LA…singing. When asked about knowing Dr. Hodel, Fauna’s mom laughs and slaps her in the face. Okkkaaayyy. Fauna just needs to go to Canada and start over because none of her family is sane. But first, she’s going to find out everything, and she doesn’t care who gets hurt. No, I really think you just need to leave.

And it would seem Mrs. Hodel no longer wishes to talk to Jay. Oh my gosh. Can someone just find something out? Literally anything. And then we do find out something. It would seem like Hodel’s artwork resembles a lot of the murder scene Jay is investigating. Creepy!

We have some sort of breakthrough. Jay is starting to piece some things together concerning Dr. Hodel and the Black Deliah murder, and it is creepy. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us your reactions!

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