‘Shadowhunters’ News: Fans fighting harder than ever to save the show

As new trailers drop, fans are buying billboards!

We are less than ten days away from Shadowhunters return! Can you imagine? And the fans of Shadowhunters aren’t letting up in their fight to save their beloved show, as evidenced by recent events! Plus, we finally got a glimpse of what’s ahead in 3B! Let’s break it down!

Shadowhunters News:

The countdown to season 3b has been marked by the following fandom highlights:

  • The Netflix trailer dropped and we were HIT HARD by all the fandom feels. We. Are. Not.Ready! Read all about it here.
  • The release of photos for the mid-season premiere of “Lost Souls” and our spoiler-free review and photo preview.
  • The release of two sneak peeks,  one Jace-centric (Jace lashing out) and the other Malec-centric (Malec babysitting Madzie).
  • The fandom-sponsored digital billboards in a very prominent spot on Hollywood Blvd, brought to you by @BoomBitchesSH

#SaveShadowhunters Fans keep on fighting

The first billboard is a banner advertising the return of Shadowhunters on 25 February. It also points out that it was paid for by fans and is part of the ongoing campaign to save the show. On the very evening of its first appearance, our Morgenstern siblings Katherine McNamara and Luke Baines went banner-hunting and posted live footage.  Bless them, for they once again proved to be the fandom’s greatest fans!

Twitter Screenshot @LukeBaines
Twitter screenshot @kat_McNamara

Some time later, the second billboard went live. This time, Taylor Mallory, writer for Shadowhunters, checked it out.  Designed by @IconicNephilim, the epic poster combines New York and Edom while displaying the silhouette of Clary Fray in its center.

Twitter Screenshot @TayMals

It also quite cleverly advertises the fan’s number one campaign achievement, namely winning the show the People’s Choice Award for “Show of 2018,”  as a boom factor. Naturally, this billboard also draws attention to the #SaveShadowhunters campaign as well as to the fact that it has been paid for by the fans and that there is “no affiliation with Freeform” whatsoever.

Check out the #SaveShadowhunters tag on Twitter to see more from these incredible fans! 


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