Hallmark Movie Review: SnowComing

WinterFest may be over, but you can still watch!

We have reached the end of Hallmark’s Winterfest movies with this wonderful and cozy movie Snowcoming, starring Lindy Booth and Trevor Donovan. Next up – Countdown to Valentines Day! We’ll see you there!

Movie Synopsis

Samantha returns home for her town’s winter festival to celebrate her father’s retirement from coaching. Her hopes for a quiet visit are dashed when she discovers NFL quarterback and high school sweetheart Jake is also there.

Final Thoughts

Samantha is a book editor for cookbooks, however she yearns to work alongside YA books, due to her passion towards encouraging more teenagers to read. When her ideas and proposals are put on hold forever, she heads back home in the hope of figuring out what she wants in life and also, to celebrate her father’s retirement as coach/teacher to her childhood high school.

When she returns to town, her high school sweetheart and NFL Quarterback, Jake, has also made a return to celebrate alongside his Coach and take a moment away from the ever consistent paparazzi trying to figure out what is going to happen once his contract comes to an end. Will he renew his contract and stay being one of the most talked about football players, or has his time come to an end, ready for a new start of settling down with the love of his life?

I’ve never watched Lindy Booth in anything before, but I really loved her high spirit and she consistently gave an outstanding performance. I’ve previously watched Trevor Donovan in another Hallmark movie ‘Marry Me at Christmas‘ and immediately fell in love with his charm… and his smile… and his face… moving on.

Being a book lover myself, it was really great to see Samantha really hype up the library and even get one teenager – who could’ve easily been voted as ‘most likely to never pick up or read a book‘ – to give Samantha’s favorite books a chance and soon enough, she’s begging Samantha for more recommendations.

Like most libraries these days, this one was also on the brink of being shut down, due to no students accessing and Samantha being Samantha, she pulled some strings and hosted a ‘Tailgate at the Library’ party, with guest star Jake, to boost the crowd up even more, in hopes of fundraising enough money for the library to stay open and with the help of some book companies/authors, even have brand new YA novels donated to the library.

The ending was everything you could ask for in a Hallmark movie, where everybody figured out what exactly it is that they want and got their happy ending. I still stand by what I said before, “‘Winter Love Story’ has to be my favorite Hallmark movie of them all – so far!”, however, Snowcoming was a wonderful and cozy watch that I would definitely recommend!

Let us know what you’re favorite Hallmark Movies are so far of 2019, in the comments below and keep a look out for which movie I review next!


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