‘Good Trouble’ 1×06 recap:“Imposter”

Mariana has had enough

Good Trouble episode 1×06 “Imposter” aired February 12, 2019

Good Trouble has a lot going on in this episode. It kept Mariana and Callie, mostly apart, advancing their workplace storylines that can’t help but overlap with their personal lives in interesting ways. It’s mostly all good stuff that has me excited to see where the rest of the season goes.

Alex still sucks

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The update on the Alex situation is there is no update. In fact, he might suck more now than the last time we saw him. When the team gets assigned a huge secret project, Mariana doesn’t get to work on it. Instead Alex has her working on maintenance, he tells her she’s inexperienced and that her coding sucks.

The only one being nice to Mariana is Raj, but it’s a secret friendship. They text each other to vent about their teammates and hang out outside of work. Raj even comes over to Mariana’s place so she can help him with the secret project.

I really like Raj and so does Mariana, he’s the one thing about Speckulate that isn’t awful. Except, Raj clearly has a crush. Mariana is desperate for a friend. It is a recipe for disaster. Raj tries to kiss Mariana and when she puts a stop to it, he runs out.

Evan ruins cheese

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Speckulate is having a costume party to celebrate its 5th anniversary. Mariana goes as Margaret Hamilton, an awesome lady engineer. No one appreciates her costume and she spends most of the party by herself.

The only person that seems to notice her is Evan, the CEO, who keeps seeking her out and telling her fun (horrifying) facts about cheese. After the party, Evan shows up at her office and wonders if she hates parties because he noticed how alone she was.

I have enjoyed every Evan and Mariana conversation so far, this one ends with them telling the other they don’t find each other boring. I think it’s safe to assume that Evan is on the spectrum, but I’m still trying to figure out what these interactions are leading too. Evan is definitely intrigued by Mariana, but is it a professional curiosity or we supposed to read more into it?

Fight Club

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At the party, Raj continues to try to apologize for the failed kiss. At first, Mariana accepts his apology. Then she goes off on him, what he did is not okay, he tried to kiss a co-worker and in doing so, made her feel more disrespected and vulnerable than she already was. Whatever relationship was growing between Mariana and Raj, work allies, friendship or even romantic, comes to halt because of Raj’s actions.

Mariana has had enough and she knows she’s not the only one at Speckulate that feels that way. She has several encounters with Casey, where her own frustration at work is clear. Mariana ends the episode by sending an email inviting the women in Speckulate to start a fight club and support each other.

Gael takes a stand  

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Who kind of forgot that Gael works at Speckulate? Just me? Gael is at the costume party at Speckulate. Also there is Jazmin, his sister who is working in the waitstaff for the event.

Jazmin flirts with Zeke, one of the other waiters, and is open with him about being trans.  Zeke still wants to get a drink. Things take a turn when the party’s over and their boss hands them their paychecks.

Jazmin’s legal name is still male, she’s run into some complications when changing her name and marker on her birth certificate due to a felony. Her boss accuses her of lying and won’t hire her again. Gael witnesses the entire conversation and is horrified. Jazmin gets Gael to stand down without a fight breaking out.

Gael seeks out legal advice from Callie, who brings along Jamie since he’s you know, he’s actually a lawyer who has passed the bar. Jamie tells Gael and Jazmin that they do have a case against the catering company, but it won’t be an easy one. Gael won’t back down, he’s finally ready to fully support his sister.

Conflict of Interest

Callie finally tells Judge Wilson that she knows Malika and she manages to do it before Ben rats her out! She even gets to stay on the Jamal Thompson case. It’s a win for Callie, or is it? Callie senses that something isn’t quite right in this scenario. So she seeks some legal counsel from the hottest l lawyer she knows, Jamie.

Callie lays out all the facts for Jamie. She knows about the Judge’s son house arrest and wonders if that knowledge gave her leverage. The real pressing question is whether Judge Wilson working on the Jamal Thompson case where the LAPD is the defendant, and his son’s arrest create a conflict of interest.

Jamie comes through with the deets. Turns out Tate Wilson got arrested in Berkeley, so Judge Wilson is conflict-free! Until he isn’t….the episode ends with news that a Berkeley cop is becoming the new LAPD Chief of Police. 

Elsewhere in The Coterie….

  • Davia finds out about Dennis’s marriage when she meets Jennifer, his son-to-be ex. The two share a moment on the rooftop where he confides he cheated on his wife and warns her that nothing good will come from her relationship with her married boyfriend. I’m surprised by how much I love Dennis now.
  • Callie’s love life continues to be complicated, but I’m not complaining. I kind of love Jamie. Callie and Jaime kiss by the elevator of The Coterie. A kiss that is witnessed by Gael. They’re both amazing. There might possibly be no wrong choice here. What a struggle.

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