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‘Black Lightning’ 2×13: Top 4 moments from “Pillar of Fire”

Jen gets lit!

Black Lightning 2×13  recap: Season 2, Episode 13, “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire”, Aired Feb. 11, 2019

In this weeks episode of Black Lightning: Jen begins her revenge on Tobias, which lets us see how powerful she really is, Jefferson essentially gets offered his old job back, Lynn makes a breakthrough with the Green Light pod kids, and Anissa discovers Grace’s secrets.

Let’s breakdown the top 4 moments from 2×13 in more detail:

#1 Jen attempting to seek revenge on Tobias

Jen gets left for 2 minutes alone, and she’s straight out attempting to get her revenge for Tobias killing Khalil. Damn girl, that didn’t take long. She turns up asking questions to some gang members from the 100. Funnily enough they think she is Anissa (who has been out stealing all their money).

But Jen is all like, “I don’t want yo’ damn money. Tell me where Tobias is.” The gang members weren’t down foe telling her nothing, until she used her awesome powers on them. Jen lit them up with electricity, until one started to talk.

However, Jen gets into some trouble by going to a hideout for the 100 gang. Jen gets corned and severly outnumbered, but she puts up a good fight. We get to see how powerful Jen is, but also how unpredictable her powers still are. Jen passes out, but luckily Anissa turns up just in time to save her. Damn, if that was any later Jen could have been killed.

Guess this way Jen will learn her lesson. She can’t run off to face Tobias alone, or she could be the one getting killed next.

Earlier on in the episode, Jefferson and Gambi were testing out Jen’s powers to see how strong she really was. Turns out, shes more powerful than a nuclear bomb. According to Gambi, Jen’s more powerful than Jefferson was in his “prime days”. Jefferson wasn’t happy with being called old LOL!

I can’t wait to learn more about what Jennifer can do. However, a scary thought is if she looses control, could she combust?

#2 Jefferson *basically* getting offered to be Principal again

The video of Principal Lowry shouting at Jen and the kids has gone viral. Due to public backlash about it, the school board call a meeting to discuss whether or not Lowry is still the right candidate for the job. This opens things up for Jefferson to take back being principal. After all, he wasn’t too pleased about stepping down, so this way it would mean he could look out for the kids again.

All seems well with the idea of Jefferson being principal again, until he has a run in with Lowry. Lowry reminds Jefferson that he would be there for the students at all time, unlike Jefferson. This hit home a bit. Jefferson came to the realization that he can’t be both Black Lightning and the Principal as he wouldn’t be able to give his all into either. This would be unfair for his students, and could end up potentially causing more harm.

So then came the board meeting, and Jefferson got asked if he thought Lowry was suitable for the job or not. This was there way to allow him to become principal again. Much to my surprise (and most of them in the meeting), Jefferson stuck up for Lowry and said he thought he was still fit for the job.

I feel like Jefferson made the right call about him not being Principal because Lowry was right, Jefferson wasn’t always there and that’s not what the school needs. However, I 100% do not think that Lowry should be principal. That means, another candidate should be promoted instead. One who understands the students there, allows them to be in a safe place to grow and get educated, along with keeping them on the right track and out of trouble. Here’s hoping they find the right person for the job!

#3 Lynn making a major breakthrough with the Green Light pod kids

Lynn finally discovers the truth from Agent Odell on why he has been ‘following’ her. He reveals to Lynn that the Markovia have an army of meta-humans in creation, and they want Lynn for her expertise on metas. This means that Lynn’s life is in real danger, so that’s why Odell had been keeping track of her whereabouts. Odell insists that the pod kids have to moved, in order to keep them safe from the Markovians.

However, Lynn isn’t too happy with them being moved and pleads that they keep them there until her method to keep them stabilized has been tested. Odell shuts her down and still goes ahead with the plan to move the pod kids to a new location,

Of course, Dr. Jace was going to betray them all soon enough … She lets in Cutter and the meta (that Tobias brought back to life) into the facility, to steal all the pod kids. In order to stop Lynn from stopping them, Dr. Jace locks her in a room. Lynn immediately phones Jefferson and asks for help, but the call doesn’t work right. Thankfully, Black Lightning and Thunder turn up to give Lynn back up, but they arrive too late to save the pod kids. TObias’ plan works and he has obtained them all.

The only good news to come out of it all, was that Lynn’s method to allow the pod kids to be stable out-with the pods had proven to work. The girl she tried it on came through fine, and seems to be alright. This is an amazing breakthrough. This will mean that the pod kids will be able to leave the ASA facility and go back to (semi) normal life. Yay, for science! Go Lynn!

#4 Anissa learning some truths about Grace Choi

Anissa gets ghosted by Grace, so Anissa turns up to her apartment to check through the belongings she left behind. While Anissa was searching through Grace’s stuff, she finds an unusual pill lying on the floor, so she takes it to Gambi for him to analyze it. What Gambi found out shook not only Anissa, but us too.

Gambi finds out that the mystery pill Anissa found was medication used to treat schizophrenia. Not only that, but Gambi also discovered that Grace isn’t really Grace – Grace Choi does not exist! Turns out that was just a name she used when she turned up in Freeland. Um, what is going on?

Then came the sad truth. The couple in the picture with Grace wasn’t her parents. Grace actually moved from foster home to foster home. Then later when she was a young teen, she was kidnapped and took into a child trafficking ring. Grace later escaped and that’s why she kept her real identity a secret. Seems a legit reason to me. Poor Grace! What a tragic childhood she had. Let’s hope we find out what happened to her soon.

Do you think Grace was kidnapped? Or do you think Grace skipped town after getting too close with Anissa?

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