New ‘Shadowhunters’ 3B Trailer: Lots of Jace, Simon and more sexy Malec training!

Seriously, we were hit out of the blue!

Is it Christmas again yet?  In a complete surprise move, Netflix just dropped a brand new Shadowhunters 3b trailer. Only two weeks after Freeform’s release of the official 3B trailer (check out our comprehensive break down here,) Netflix gives us a full minute and 23 seconds of fandom feels!

The new trailer just emphasizes what we already know from the previous Shadowhunters 3B trailer: We are not prepared!

Let’s dissect what happens in the new trailer!


The loss of Clary & the grieving

The first big theme running through the trailer is the loss of Clary and how everybody deals with it. Obviously, no one is affected more than Jace. Good news to all the Jace fans out there: The first twenty-three seconds are almost completely dedicated to Jace!

At the beginning, we find him storming into Lilith’s wrecked apartment, yelling “Clary” on top of his lungs. Magnus is also hit hard by his  biscuit’s sudden death. While he mourns her quietly (“I can’t believe she’s gone”), Jace is completely devastated and his emotions are all over the place. Well, while violence is certainly wrong, we can’t help noticing that violent Jace is also kind of hot!

Seeing Jace this lost is hard. His siblings use different approaches to get him to snap out of it. While Alec tries to reason with him (“The way you’re acting, it’s a disgrace to her memory”), Izzy is being the good sister that she is and gives him comfort (“I miss her, too”). Poor Jace!  Peace of mind remains so very much out of reach for him.


Simon’s mission: Getting rid of the Mark of Cain

One of the biggest reveals this trailer offers is Simon’s mission of getting rid of his Mark of Cain.

While Raphael is handing out food for those in need, Simon approaches him and asks for help. He’s quite fed up with what the Mark of Cain does to him. Raphael tells him of a legend of a vampire hiding in the sewers of New York, apparently the oldest of his kind.

Then Simon and Izzy set out on a mission to find said vampire. In a funny turn of events, we get a cute glimpse of a crack in Izzy’s fierce warrior’s armor: She’s afraid of rodents. Simon obviously thinks it’s hilarious, but we can certainly relate. Who isn’t?


More Jonathan: Evil never looked this good:

“If I can’t have your loyalty, I’ll have your fear” – That’s what we hear Jonathan say to Jace as he attacks him. And boy, isn’t that just the perfect motto for Valentine’s newly resurrected son? Luke Baines has us all hyped up for more delicious evilness. Can our bunch of determined Shadowhunters and friends stop him? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Malec training scene

Yes, more training scene goodness! If we didn’t know they were fighting, we’d say they are dancing, because they move so smoothly and gracefully!  And while in the first trailer, Alec seemed to have the upper hand, here we see the Shadowhunter on his knees at the end of a skillful training sequence. It’s delicious, it’s hot and we NEED MORE!


A shimmer of hope: Enter Papa Wolf

Of course it has to be Luke who brings a shimmer of hope into the bleakness of Jace’s existence: “What if Lilith’ apartment never exploded? She’d still be alive.” Yeah, that’s how we know and love the werewolf alpha!

An extended look at the Seelie Court

What looks like a picture straight out of a fairytale book once again proves quite nightmarish for Simon.  We see him standing in front of the Seelie court, with the Seelie Queen praising him for being “brave.” Her remark about “starring death in the face” makes us quite scared for Simon, who just mentions being “ready.” Ready for what exactly? We are dying to find out!


Magnus being portal-kidnapped by Iris Rouse (?!)

Here’s probably the most surprising moment of the trailer. It happens so fast that you’ll most likely miss it if you blink at the wrong time, but in between the Seelie Court scene with Simon, we see a portal opening and someone (from the looks of it, it could be Iris Rouse) pulling a resisting Magnus through it. Magnus being portal-kidnapped? Really? Hasn’t the man gone through enough already?

And: Does he have his magic back? Because there’s this millisecond of a fragment where it appears as if Magnus is once again opening a portal!

One thing’s for sure: Now we’re even more pumped for the return of Shadowhunters! Only two more weeks to go, y’all!

Shadowhunters 3B premieres Feb. 25th on Freeform. 


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