‘Manifest’ 1×15″: Craziest moments from “Hard Landing”

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 15, “Hard Landing,” aired Feb. 11, 2019.

First, can we just appreciate this feature image? Okay, moving on.

There is only one more episode left, you guys. Only one more, and we still haven’t found out if it’s renewed yet. So, of course, this is all kinds of anxiousness reaching the boiling point. But isn’t that the point of good TV? I think so. Let’s dig in.


After the man is found pulled out of the water after 3 days, the race is on to figure out HOW? However, Jared just wants to know why Michaela has been pulling away from him. Dude, you need to let it go for like one second. And stop trying to intimidate Zeke.

“Zeke is my friend. Jared is my partner.” Ope. I am feeling some hardcore secondhand awkwardness just seeping from that scene. It’s so awkward!

Oh my goodness. That scene was just…that was something. At least Zeke is being mature about it and telling Jared to focus on the murderer they just pulled out of the water. I think we need to set our focus on more important things than our love lives at the moment. But that’s just my opinion.

We also find out that Griffin is having these callings as well. His calling was something with an explosion. When Michaela tries to tell him, he is tightlipped and a little perplexed. As you would be.

Get out of jail free

This Griffin guy is a piece of work, FOR SURE. He claims there’s going to be an attack in Midtown. Goodness. Ah, a good word for that, Ben. Griffin is abusing his callings by telling them he’ll only tell what his callings are if he can walk.  Oh, hell no. But it actually happens, they let him walk free in exchange for his callings. Ugh.

Can we separate Griffin from the Flight 828 passengers? Not all of them are bad. I got to say, I am impressed that Grace is so willing to help Ben do his research about Griffin’s past. It’s just a nice change of pace for her to actually believe him and not shut him out. I’m actually really warming up to her.

And then we have poor Saanvi. She’s still too shaken up about being held hostage. As she should; she went through some major crap. I’m glad they didn’t sweep what happened to her under the rug. Even though it’s sad to see Saanvi in pain, it’s nice to see that we’re experiencing her emotions after her situation.

Michaela has a face of stone. Pun not intended…

Michaela knows how to keep a straight face while interrogating Griffin. I think I would confess to Michaela all of my secrets. You wanna know my high school crush? You got it. There’s no getting past her.

I trusted you, Zeke. You better not be letting me down right now, but picking someone’s lock is pretty dang suspicious. Especially when the cops catch ya, and you look super guilty. I was rooting for you; I was really hyping you up and you go ahead and pull this. You’re letting Jared win. Okay, anyway…

Jared is all too smug when he brings Zeke into the station, presenting him to Michaela as if he’s giving her a plate of diamonds. Michaela, however, isn’t too amused with the recent turn of events. She forbids Jared from booking Zeke, telling him she believes Zeke is genuine and a good guy. Jared thinks otherwise and even tells Michaela the callings are blinding her. Oh don’t even go there, man. I believe in Zeke, too!

Grace is on it

I think it’s pretty awesome that Grace is out there helping solve cases. She goes to Griffin’s foster mother, I believe, to learn more about what he’s up to. Even the woman knows that Griffin is a little punk. In fact, she doesn’t think Griffin should go free.

Oh my gosh, Ben attending to Saanvi is so sweet. He’s the first person that she opens up to about her distress. I’m just saying, but you only do that with people you really trust. So, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Also, I am confused about who Ben should be with now. Dangit, this is messy.

Phew. I knew I could trust Zeke — he’s actually a good guy. It turns out the house he was breaking into was his mother’s. Michaela tells him there’s an easier way to see your mom, lol. He asks her to trust him, and in turn, she lets him go. I approve. And of course, Jared is being a whiney little whiner about it.

It’s not over. Michaela knows that it’s not. Nail bitter, people.

Madeline’s Manifest musings

  • I don’t want this show to go on hiatus, you guyyyysssss.
  • The Michaela/Jared/Zeke interaction honestly made my entire night, week, month, year.
  • Jared needs to sit down.
  • I don’t like this Griffin dude. He’s SHADY.
  • Ben’s glasses make an appearance.
  • Team Grace or Team Saanvi? I don’t even know anymore; I am confused.
  • Maybe Michaela doesn’t need a man. She’s a fierce woman all on her own. Grl Pwr.
  • YAS! Michaela telling Jared to leave Zeke out of it is EVERYTHING.
  • Jealousy is not a good look, Jared.

I really hope I’m not wrong about Zeke. What did you think of tonight’s episode? We are SOOOO not ready for the season 1 finale next week! Tweet us your thoughts!

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