‘I Am the Night’ 1×03: Creepiest moments from “Dark Flower”

I Am the Night recap: Season 1, Episode 3, “Dark Flower,” aired Feb. 11, 2019.

Well, things are getting hella weird and creepy and intriguing. The first ten minutes alone had a lot going on. Also, can we stop trashing journalists, Mr. Detective Guy? Journalists are so awesome. Let’s dig in!

What the heck…

Let’s start with that intro scene dating back to 1945. We see a young Tamar looking into one of her father’s, uh, parties. It would seem Dr. Hodel runs a sex club of some sorts, and Tamar witnesses a lot of it. All while her father asks if it’s one of her dreams. This guy is a piece of scum.

Fast forward 20 years later, Fauna is walking down a dark street. Her stalker comes up to her, grabbing her and telling her to get a drink with him. Apparently, he has some information to tell her, but she walks away. Girl, you need to run!

Jay is having a bad morning. He’s arrested for a crime he has no idea what for. Taken into custody by some jerkwad detective, Billis, he tells Jay that the ex-wife caught him following her. Well, crap. In return for his sucky journalism skills and “crime,” the detective tells him he’s going to take his eye.

I am freaking out by this point as Billis sets a pencil on the table between them. He’s not seriously going to stab Jay’s eye out with a pencil, is he? Yes, yes he is. Or at least he tries to before officers break it up. Phew.

Don’t do it, Fauna

Fauna takes it upon herself to search for Tamar. She’s making some questionable choices, and I think it’s not a good idea. Arriving at Hodel’s ex’s house, she wanders into the house. There, she stumbles upon a shrine for Dr. Hodel, and that’s probably the creepiest thing that’s happened so far in this show.

“You look like hammered shit, Jay.” That he may, Mr. Editor, but he’s still hot. Despite Jay’s adamant nature about the Hodel case, his editor is still not impressed with the idea. All of a sudden, a man falls out of his seat with a loud bang. This sends Jay hurtling to the ground.

I felt so bad for him at this moment knowing that he was in the war, and the loud noise triggered his memories of it. The guy who made fun of him for going on the ground really made me want to hug Jay. Jay springs into action and starts beating up the man who fell to the ground.

A tale of two strangers

If two strange men ever approach you, both telling you to get in their cars, YOU RUN. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss what transpired after Fauna had to sneak out of Hodel’s ex’s house. I got to hand it to Fauna, she is stealthy on her feet.

She sneaks out without a hitch, but Jay saw her. In fact, he drives up alongside her asking her if she’s Tamar’s daughter, but she’s not talking. She decides to run from Jay instead, which is what you should do in this situation. Fauna comes across a fork in the road with stalker guy telling her to get in his car and Jay doing the same.

Ultimately choosing the lesser of two evils (but still a risky choice), Fauna goes with Jay to get some pie. He tries to make her talk, but she’s unwilling to admit anything to him. Then she promptly sneaks away, after some flirting (???) by telling him she’s going to the bathroom. Well, that’s one way to ditch someone, I suppose.


What? Is Dr. Hodel like Norman Bates Part 2? Seriously — this dude is all kinds of creepy. His “lab” has mannequins all over in a danky space. To sum up, it doesn’t look like a normal doctor’s workspace AT ALL. I would be highly suspicious.

Fauna decides it’s not best to live with her cousins after a boy from the neighborhood turns up murdered. Things are getting freaky here. Even Tarrence agrees that Fauna should just go home. Seriously, you should listen to him!

Meanwhile, Jay goes to try to enlist in the army again. Unfortunately, he doesn’t meet the age minimum requirement of 27. He goes to a bookstore where he picks up a magazine highlighting the Black Dahlia case. And this is where it all begins.

This is just such an unsettling show. Obviously, but still, I am so creeped out over Hodel. This guy is a Grade A Creep. And was that a bull or a horse or what in his house growling? What is going on?

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