7 Captain America quotes that prove he’s the Avengers’ rightful leader

Always listen to Cap. You're better off when you do.

Captain America has been on tested on all fronts in his journey. From being a man of true-blue values (The First Avenger) to being a man out of time questioning how the world around him has changed (The Winter Soldier). Now, he’s stopped being a soldier who’s constantly following orders blindly and calling his own shots (Civil War, Infinity War). Before Chris Evans hangs up the shield for good on April 26, here’s some of the best Captain America quotes!

1. Different visions of freedom

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All this talk about incompetent leaders and their visions of national security makes what Cap says to Nick Fury a clairvoyant statement.

2. Conviction

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Don’t get in Cap’s way of doing the right thing. It’s a fight you won’t win.

3. The cost of war


Steve knows the cost of war and how the Avengers are what’s standing between Earth and utter destruction.

4. Don’t trust anyone but yourself

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You can’t trust anybody right off the bat and it takes a long time to build. Steve’s faith in the government had waned because the Sokovia Accords are created by people who have agendas…and agendas change.

5. Permission or forgiveness. How about neither?


Captain America who’s had it with the government’s sh*t is my favorite Cap ever.

6. Man out of time, not out of the loop

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He may be out of time, but Cap’s not one to let a pop culture reference fly over his head.

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7. And for fun: Comedic relief


An oldie but a goodie, this quote in response to Tony Stark’s question about what the circuit boards are doing in the first Avengers film made everyone LOL.

These are just a handful of Captain America quotes that make the character’s arc in the MCU simply extraordinary.

What are YOUR favorite quotes from Cap? Post in the comments below!

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