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‘Black Lightning’ 2×12: Top 4 moments from “Just and Unjust”

Justice for Khalil #BLM!

Black Lightning 2×12  recap: Season 2, Episode 12, “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust”, Aired Feb. 4, 2019

In this weeks episode of Black Lightning: Freeland is facing yet more trouble, all thanks to the Markovians; Jen struggles to deal with her grief over Khalil’s death; Anissa the badass is back, taking down more gang members; and much more.

Let’s breakdown the top 4 moments from 2×12:

#1 Anissa taking down a 100 gang member for beating his girlfriend

Anissa doesn’t learn her lesson that going out and beating people up (for a good reason) on her own, may lead to her getting seriously hurt or even killed. But I think after what went down with the 100 gang member, may have finally taught her that valuable lesson.

In the clinic, a woman turns up all beat up and bruised, and Anissa checks her over. According to the woman, she “fell down some stairs”, but of course to anyone who looked at her, they would know that her injuries were definitely NOT from that and more likely a domestic violence case. Anissa tries to offer her some help, but the woman shuts her down. The woman won’t admit that someone (most likely her boyfriend) bet her up.

Anissa is frustrated and storms off to get a doctor. Much to her belief, the doc reveals that the woman is the girlfriend of a 100 gang member. Their method of dealing with her is: treat her and then shut the hell up about it (if they want to live). Damn, what the hell – Anissa isn’t having any of that! Anissa finds out their address and pays her significant other a visit.

This was definitely one of my favorite scenes from the episode. A masked Anissa, looking all badass, storms into the 100 gang members apartment and beats them all up, saving the woman (from the clinic) boyfriend to last. She threatens him and has him by the throat. She makes it clear that if he hits his girlfriend again, she’ll be back. She grabs his money and makes a run for it. Before she finally escapes, she has to fight off more 100 gang members and made it look so easy LOL! But Anissa nearly gets beat up bad, which was a good scare for her. She knows she’s not invincible and needs to take it more easy.

Interestingly the streets have a nickname for Anissa: Black Bird. What do you guys make of that? I prefer Thunder!

The money Anissa stole she gave it to the church so they could have Khalil’s funeral. Anissa knew from Jen that Khalil’s mom couldn’t afford to pay to bury Khalil, so Anissa took care of it. Yass, girl! You the best! Although, next time maybe Anissa should have back up.

#2 Jen standing up to Principal Lowry for Khalil

Lynn and Jefferson agree that it’s time for Jennifer to go back to school. All is well, until Jen sees the janitors taking away Khalil’s shrine that the students made. Jen gets riled up and tells them to stop removing Khalil’s memorial, but they tell her its orders from the Principal. Um, what! How can he be so cruel? He hasn’t even been laid to rest yet.

Jen retrieves all of the items left in Khalil’s memory, and makes a new shrine. She refuses to move or get rid of the items, even after Principal Lowry orders her to move. The two argue and other students gather round, but the students team up together and support Jen. They film Principal Lowry’s reaction and the strong words Jennifer had to say. Despite all the bad that Khalil did, his life did matter. Black lives matter. Jen just wanted to get that across, instead of forgetting his death even happened (like Lowry would prefer).

Jen calls him out as a racist and it doesn’t go down well. Lowery gets her dragged off by the schools police, and Jen gets suspended. Jefferson later finds out and has another strong chat with the principal. Jefferson is mad that he wouldn’t talk to him first before trying to get Jen suspended. But Lowry just didn’t give a crap. He cared more about being called a racist than anything else. The fact is thoughts should have been all about Khalil and preventing yet another young black death happening, but nope.

Let’s pray that Jefferson becomes principal again real soon!

#3 Lynn and Anissa’s near death experience

The episode opening was explosive this week. What looked like a normal scene, turned crazy in seconds.

Anissa and Lynn were walking back from the market to their car, while discussing their thoughts on Jen and her grief. Out of nowhere, a car pulls up and starts shooting at them. Anissa takes a bullet and falls. Lynn gets grabbed, and the gunman nearly take her away in their van. Luckily Odell and ASA agents arrive just in time, and save Lynn from being took. OMG – what the hell is going on?

Who the heck are those gunmen? And what do they want with Anissa and Lynn?

Thankfully, Anissa is all good – her powers stopped the bullet from going deep and it just grazed her instead. Phew! We do not need any more deaths in Freeland.

Gambi, as usual, gets down to the bottom of what happened. He finds out the men who tried to kill Anissa and Lynn are from the Markovian secret intelligence. Gambi discovers their location as well and gives it to Jefferson. Black Lightning tracks them down, but hands them over to Henderson.

Fingers crossed no one comes after Lynn and Anissa again. They’ve had enough scares for a lifetime!

#4 Perenna using her powers on the Markovians after they try grab her

Just like Anissa and Lynn, Perenna gets targeted too by the Markovians. However, she wasn’t so easy to be grabbed by them. Perenna uses her meta-powers and gets inside their heads. She makes them think they are in freezing conditions, when in reality they are still in that parking lot where they tried to jump her. What a cool power, right?

I hope we see more of Perenna and what else powers can allow her to do.

Other important scenes:

  • Grace and Anissa were cute af again in this weeks ep. However, the happiness disappeared when Grace’s powers were acting up. Can Grace just hurry the hell up and tell Anissa already? We need some meta-human love going on! I’m intrigued to know more about what Grace can do. Side note: how funny was it seeing the Black Lightning and Thunder comics? Anissa was hella proud knowing she has her own comic book.
  • What was with Odell secretly watching Jennifer at Khalil’s funeral? It seems like maybe he knows more than he is letting on. Maybe he knows the Pierce family secret, or it’s simply a weird conscience he is acting sketchy.
  • Jennifer wants “an eye for an eye”, but Jefferson isn’t having it. He has wanted Tobias to pay for years but he has promised himself that he wants the legal system to take him down, but I don’t believe that Jennifer will stand by that. I think she is too grief stricken right now, and if given a chance, she might go after Tobias to make him pay for killing Khalil.

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