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Emma Swan and Michaela Stone: How they’re connected

As I’ve been watching Manifest, I’ve noticed quite a few similarities between Michaela Stone and Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time). And no, it’s not just because they’re both blonde, in the police force and wears beanies. The similarities go deeper than the outer appearance between the two women. It’s probably why I think Michaela is such an awesome character because Emma Swan was the best character ever. Emma and Michaela are both great examples of women who are FIERCE on TV.

Here are some similarities between the two women:

Their unwavering selflessness

Emma Swan was a character who put others before herself. She never hesitated to put on her armor and embrace that she’s the Savior by helping others find their happy endings. We saw time and time again that Emma put herself in risky situations just to save others.

One great example of her selflessness was when she went to the Underworld to save Hook so he could get a second chance at happiness.

Michaela Stone is also another who puts others before herself. From the few episodes, we have seen in season 1, Michaela’s main goal was to help the passengers on 828. Even if it meant she was unhappy.

A notable scene of this selflessness was when she helped Zeke. She welcomed him into her home to make his transition back to life more comfortable, even though she was going through A LOT.

Their bravery

Throughout OUAT, Emma took risks. She slayed a dragon to save her son; she climbed a beanstalk with a known villain to save her son again; she faced Gideon head on even though it might have resulted in her demise. Those are just a few select moments of her bravery.

Like Emma, Michaela also is a great example of a brave female character. In the pilot, Michaela had no idea why she was hearing voices inside her head. However, she took the callings to save those little girls who were kept in a crazy man’s keeping.

They can kick your butt

We can all agree that Michaela and Emma can probably kick anybody’s butt. Both women are fierce, and while they may have fears, they have a tough exterior. Their main goals are to help others and stare in the face of fear. They don’t need a man to come rescue them — they can handle it themselves just fine. I stan.

Their magical abilities

Emma had literal magical powers. She didn’t misuse her powers like some of the people on the show. I’m obviously referring to Rumple. At first, she didn’t really know what to do with her powers, and she was quick to dismiss them.

However, Emma soon began to embrace her powers. Ultimately, they were part of who she was. So, instead of pretending she didn’t have these powers, she utilized them to save the day EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Michaela has different magical abilities. I’m not 100 percent sure if I should be referring to them as magic, but they sure are something. She gets callings for her to act upon and follow. As with Emma, at first, she was hesitant and scared about following her callings.

Through season 1, we have seen that Michaela has come to grip with these callings. She has them for a reason, and she fully embraces them.

The actresses who play them are fierce af

I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with Melissa Roxburgh at Comic-Con, and she was amazing. She’s such an awesome actress and person. The perfect actor to play Michaela Stone.

While I have not met Jennifer Morrison, I was able to speak to her during a phone interview. She’s also one fierce woman who totally killed playing Emma. Just from the interviews I’ve seen from Jennifer, she’s a champion for strong characters.

From episode 1, I knew Michaela was a great character — just as I did about Emma when I first started OUAT. They both are fierce female characters. We need more of them on TV, please and thank you.

Do you agree that Michaela and Emma have some similarities? Sound off below or tweet us!


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