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‘Arrow’: Here’s all the evidence that Blackstar is Olicity’s kid in the future

It’s safe to say we want the goodies. We want a big emotional, “I’m pregnant!” Followed by an overjoyed husband and soon-to-be big brother. We want a saving-the-city-while-pregnant montage and late night Big Belly Burger runs.

We want an Olicity baby, fam. And it looks like Blackstar might be her. I know, William doesn’t recognize her. However, these flash forwards are not exactly a happy-go-lucky place full of sunshine and rainbows. Obviously, something happens. And what we have seen of these flash forwards hasn’t ruled anything out definitely.

There’s still hope! Here’s all the evidence that she is Oliver and Felicity’s daughter in the future:


When Blackstar is first introduced, they, as coyly as possible, made a point of saying that scotch was Oliver’s drink. As well as Blackstar’s. Listen, we all know Arrow‘s love language is a good old fashioned parallel. Coincidence? I think not!


Guys, it’s a Queen Bee tattoo. Need I say more? Okay, I got more. The bee is in a constellation, and it’s called the Musca Constellation. And a star in that constellation is called “Myia” as in Mia/Maya.

Kat McNamara’s Instagram

Fighting style

Her fighting style is much like Oliver Queen, is it not? Like I said before, parallels are Arrow‘s love language. William inherits Felicity’s skills while Mia inherits Oliver’s.


This is a minor detail, but the transition of Blackstar looking at Oliver in the documentary seemed intentional. Like a daughter looking at her father… disapprovingly.


Ms. Mia Queen could not like vigilantes because they took her parents from her. Just a thought.

Arrow Next Generation

They are bringing in all kids but all grown up now. Grown up William, grown up Zoe, and grown up JJ. All we need is an Olicity bundle of joy and all will be complete.

What a beautiful family

I want William to have a half-sister just like Oliver so the lovely family parallels would continue. Just give it to me, okay?

Did we miss any evidence? Let us know on Twitter @Pure_Fandom and @lynsneill and we’ll keep the hope alive!

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