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‘Legacies’ 1×10 discussion: Why the focus on Lizzie’s mental health is so important

Plus, all of those 'Vampire Diaries' callbacks.

This post discusses the events of Legacies 1×10, “There’s a World Where Your Dreams Came True”, aired February 7, 2019

While we will of course break down all of those Vampire Diaries and Originals references in episode 1×10 of Legacies, we must also discuss the focus on Lizzie and her mental health. Jenny Boyd, the actress who plays Lizzie Saltzman, told TVLine in an interview: “this episode was one we sort of added in when we got the backorder.”

The episode was a thrill to watch—one that goes up with the ranks of a teen drama’s prom episode (dance episodes are always ones that get the most hype, amirite? See: Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3 finale, the dance episode from The Vampire Diaries season 1, etc.)

Seeing the different realities based on Lizzie’s wishes to erase Hope from her life not only were fun (the X-Men suits from the Mikaelson School were by far my favorite, along with mean-girl Josie), but they were a unique way to dive into Lizzie’s psyche. Not to mention, it helped show Lizzie how Hope’s tragic life has actually been a #blessing in saving so many supernaturals. Maybe now she’ll subconsciously have more empathy towards Hope?

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Lizzie’s mental health is similar to bipolar disorder, and when coupled with the trials of being a witch in an ancient coven… it can be a recipe for psychological disaster. In one of the alternate realities the “Jinni” granted in this episode, Lizzie learned the truth behind the Gemini Coven she belongs to and the fateful merge between twins at 22 years old. One twin must “absorb” the other, becoming the coven leader. Yes, you read that right—one twin must kill the other (read more about the history of the coven in the TVDU here.)

This explains why Ric and Caroline have kept the Gemini Coven’s history a secret from Josie and Lizzie, and even more why they wouldn’t want to add fuel to the fire burning inside of Lizzie. It’s refreshing to see a lead character on television battle with something like bipolar disorder, when mental health can be somewhat of uncharted territory due to the “stigma” around it.

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Breaking the stigma on mental health

The CW in particular has been a network to bring the issue of mental health to light, with its other series’ stars using their platform to bring more awareness to mental health. For Mental Illness Awareness Week in 2017, Supergirl star Melissa Benoist and costar Chris Wood both ran a campaign to bring the topic of mental health at the forefront:

“Wood teamed up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to launch IDontMind, which encourages people to ‘break down the barrier of stigma surrounding mental illness and bring hope to those who are struggling and afraid to speak up.’ The issue is one very close to the actor’s heart.” —Healthline.com

IDontMind’s mission is to erase the stigma against mental health: “By saying IDONTMIND, you can help break down the barrier of stigma and bring hope to those who are struggling and afraid to speak up. Together, we can generate positive messaging and find creative ways of reaching those who need encouragement.”

Speaking of Chris Wood… (Kai Parker!)

The actor’s infamous character Kai Parker is one of the many Vampire Diaries’ callbacks featured in the Legacies’ episode. The character’s name was written with a question mark next to an excerpt in a book Ric was reading about the Gemini Coven. Watch the reference below (it starts at 1:09):

As TVDU fans know, in the Vampire Diaries Kai was arguably the most vicious villain of the series. The last time we saw him, he was stuck in a prison world by the one and only Bonnie Bennet.


Unfortunately, he may be Caroline and Ric’s last hope in finding a loophole around the Gemini Coven merge. Pardon my squealing, but if we get a Kai Parker cameo, it would be freaking epic. This guy is the baddest of them all, y’all, and there isn’t a redeemable bone in is his body. I HIGHLY suggest you binge TVD to catch up on the evil this guy has brought upon Mystic Falls.

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Shout out to the other TVD tidbits in the episode:

-Damon Salvatore donating what he can to the Salvatore School in the first alternate universe;

-The Klaroline sketches in the newspaper in the “war universe” (#FEELS!)

-The “Stephanie Salvatore” call out in the “public school universe”. I’d be FINE if she was cast in season 2. Julie Plec is known for her epic season finales, and if there’s any hint of a doppelgänger needed to fight Malivore—we know where to find one.

Tweet me your thoughts on this week’s episode @lizprugh, and check out the below for mental health resources.

If you’re experiencing depression, you can call the following anonymous and confidential numbers:

* National Suicide Prevention Hotline (open 24/7): 1-800-273-8255.

* Samaritans 24 Hour Crisis Hotline (open 24/7): 212-673-3000

* United Way Helpline (which can help you find a therapist, healthcare, or basic necessities): 800-233-4357


Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST on The CW

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