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‘Supernatural’ 300th Episode: 9 best moments in “Lebanon”

The road so far...has been long (and wonderful) AF!

Supernatural 300th episode, 14×13 recap: Season 14, Episode 13, “Lebanon,” Aired Feb. 7, 2019

How did we get here? Season 14! Episode 300! Like the the Winchesters, Supernatural keeps on keepin’ on! In this episode, we get to see a familiar face – John Winchester! Why? Well, thanks to a pearl that delivers your heart’s greatest desire, Dean zaps his Dad from 2003 to 2019! And (as we all know) this miracle is not without consequence.  This episode was super emotional and we are still misty eyed.

Let’s breakdown the 9 best moments of the Supernatural 300th episode!


#1 Dean is the charm

And Sam is the brains. When trying to track down Max, the girl who decided to STEAL Baby! Not cool. And to make matter worse, the car was packed with occult objects that are super dangerous! In order to find the girl they have to sweet talk  a postal worker. Sam strikes out instantly, but Dean saunters in and BOOM. Info.

#2 Ghost hunting!

It’s been a hot second since we have had a proper ghost on this show! Cold spots, zippy, zappy ghosts – YAY! The boys burn the cigar box that once belonged to John Wayne Gacy and he burns up. It’s not super relevant to the episode, but it’s nice to see a throw back to the old days when hunting ghosts was a super regular occurrence.


#3 DAD!

If you were watching this and didn’t shed a tear when John Winchester appeared, WHO ARE YOU?!

#4 Family reunion

Mary and John’s reunion was so emotional and they didn’t even need to speak. Perfect. And then they started making out and creeped out their sons.

#5 Temporal Paradox

Ohhhhh, no. With John in 2019, the boys have accidentally created a paradox. Dean is wanted by the FBI, Cas is chums with Zachariah (and doesn’t know Sam and Dean), and Sam is a douchey internet guy. #Kale4Eva

#6 Holy heaven!

Seeing Cas fighting Sam and Dean is a tough pill to swallow, but getting the Zachariah one-liners again (even if only for a brief scene) was pretty damn great!


#7 Fixing the future

The boys quickly realize that the only way to set the world back to normal, is to send their dad back. They sit down for one last family meal first and it’s a total gut punch. John, the former hardass, hunter guy turns the dinner from solemn to the sweetest moment of the series. This is all the proof we need to see that once John’s rage-filled hunt for revenge is lifted, he is just a grateful father and husband.

#8 Healing, after all this time

Sam and Dean have spent so much of these last 299 episodes angry. Angry at their father, their mother and the world. Having their family back together and seeing that despite it all, they still choose their current lives is a huge step for them. Especially Dean, considering it was his heart’s strongest desire to bring his dad back.


#9 “I am so proud of you boys.”

We felt every single second of this episode, because really, we have lived this life with Sam and Dean, too. We have grown with them and we have seen what the loss of their parents has done to them. Getting to see John hug them, and tell them he is proud of them was an absolutely amazing moment in the episode and the series.

What a bittersweet way to celebrate the Supernatural 300th episode! There was nostalgia, emotion, ghosts, and family – everything we want from this show! While it sucks that we can’t see more of John, we are so happy that he came back for this episode and gave the boys some much needed closure on a very hard chapter of their lives.

What did you think of this episode? Do you miss John already? Hit the comments and let us know! 

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