‘Riverdale’ 3×12: 6 craziest moments from “Bizzarodale”

This one is for the secondary characters we all love and need more of!

Riverdale took a step back from our main four characters this year and FINALLY put the spotlight back on our favorite secondary characters – Josie, Kevin, Cheryl and Toni.

Here are the 6 craziest moments that happened to our beloved other four:

Archie and Josie

Is there anyone Archie hasn’t kissed at this point? Ever since Archie has returned from being on the run, Josie has tried to help Archie get back in to music, giving us all those season one vibes. When Archie bumps in to Josie in the music room, she explains how she needs a ride to her Julliard audition, as Sweetpea had turned her down before she could even ask. Archie offers to take her and later on also offers being her date to her mom and Tom Keller’s wedding, and that is where the blossoming of their very obvious romance begins.

During a sing song together, the two of them get very close and Archie asks if he can kiss her – Josie leans in immediately starting it off. This relationship would be much better as a friendship, but we’ll see where it goes.


Reggie Gets Shot

After Veggie got rid of the drugs Hermione was planning on selling, Hermione reveals to them how much they owe her and it’s safe to say… it’s a lot. Reggie goes to get his future selfs money from his dad – with the help of his baby driver, Ronnie – in order to put towards how much they owe the customer and gets himself shot in the process, when security catch him (with a gargoyle mask on) stealing the money. Luckily, it was just in the arm, but it could’ve been so much worse!


Kevin and Moose vs. The Gargoyle King

The parents are back where they started with at Ascension night, finishing off what they started at the request of the Gargoyle King… or so they think. It turns out that the whole night was a distraction, so the King could get to the children – Kevin and Moose specifically. Please just leave them be and allow them to finally be together!


ANOTHER Gargoyle King

It turns out the ‘Gargoyle King’ out to get the couple and the King was in fact, Moose’ father. My mouth definitely dropped at that point! Moose’ father reveals that when he and Tom Keller were their sons ages, he had tried to kiss Tom and was rejected. After finding out that his son was happily out with Tom’s son, he hated the fact that they were getting what he never got and wanted to put an end to it. I feel for the poor man, but letting his own son think that he was going to die – this is definitely Bizzarodale!

Also, where does everybody seem to be getting these Gargoyle King costumes from!?

MOB Mama and Jellybean

Hermione’s drug customer was revealed when Veggie went themselves to pay them back the money and much to everybody’s surprise, it was Gladys Jones. We have no clue as to what she has planned for her time in Riverdale, however what we do know is it doesn’t look good and she’s using her own daughter, Jellybean, to stay on FP and Jughead’s good side. She knows that they’ll be too excited to have their family back together to suspect anything. Oh Gladys, you did our two favorite men a favor staying away, why don’t you go back to doing that?


Moose’s Exit

It wasn’t really revealed as to why Moose was to leave Riverdale, although we assume it’s something to do with his father’s reaction to him being gay and getting the happy ending he never got. I for sure wouldn’t want to live in a town where everybody knew that my Dad was moonlighting as a Gargoyle King – how humiliating! And so, the ship that had so much potential has already sunken.

What we do know though is the actor who portrays Moose, Cody Kearsley, is actually making his exit because he is set to star in a brand new Netflix series, Daybreak. So keep your eyes peeled for that one!


Two ‘Choni‘ heart-warming scenes that made us smile in 3×12:

  • Cheryl got Toni an interview with Highsmith College – Cheryl’s dream school.
  • Cheryl organised a new girl gang for Toni, to replace the emptiness she feels away from the Serpents and they call the gang, ‘The Pretty Poisons‘. Pretty by day. Poison by night.

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