‘Deadly Class’ recap: Episode 1×04, “Mirror People”

Saya and Billy make tough decisions to save the people they love. 

Deadly Class season 1 episode 4, “Mirror People,” aired 6 February 2019.

“I’m not leaving you.”


Marcus, Saya, Viktor, Petra, Chico, and Jaden (one of the Hessians) are put in detention, locked in the library for 48 hours. Saya’s there because Marcus is her pledge. Master Lin takes their weapons, including Saya’s katana, and leaves through Smile Diner, another exit for the school.

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With time to waste, the detention crew start messing around and eating food, utterly bored. This scene is a clear homage to The Breakfast Club, which the characters could’ve possibly known about, as it came out in ’85, two years earlier. Saya even replicates what Andrew does with his sweatshirt.

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When they run out of things to do, Petra suggests breaking into the secret contraband room. It’s a good thing Marcus can pick locks, because that’s how they get through. They sneak past some monks and find the treasure: junk food, weapons, and all the fun things you could imagine.

Everyone starts messing around, save Saya, who desperately wants to find her katana. Marcus entices her with the dirt bike they find, and the daredevil in Saya can’t resist taking it for a spin. They set up a ramp in the hallway, and Saya, decked out in an American flag cape, makes the jump.

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They all celebrate, then continue looking through everything they found. Marcus and Chico start bonding over music, but the peace is broken when it reminds Chico of his younger brother who died.

Meet the family

While they’re all distracted, Jaden gets on the bike to take it for a spin. Everyone tells him not to, and when he puts his middle finger up in response, his hand gets cut off by two members of the Kuroki Syndicate. One of them has Saya’s katana.

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They fight them, or try to, and Petra and Viktor both get hurt. They all run back towards the library, but when they’re close, Chico shoves Jaden behind them, essentially sending him to be killed. As Marcus watches, that’s exactly what the Kuroki do.

Saya tells them that they’re her cousins, and they’ve come to take her home. She tries to save her friends by voluntarily going with them, but Marcus stops her, knowing they’ll kill everyone either way. Chico goes to another area of the library and discovers a large vent, escapes through it.

Petra and Viktor are bleeding out, and Saya and Marcus know they don’t have much time. They find the vent Chico used, and follow him. It leads them to a hallway with a gate, but as they run towards it, Chico locks them in, only caring about his own survival.

Saya seems content to fight to the death to get her katana back, telling Marcus it’s all she has left of her father. Marcus doesn’t want to leave her, and as they argue, her cousins appear, knocking them both unconscious and taking Saya.

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Master Lin returns to the diner to find all his people dead, and the Kuroki attempting to leave with Saya. It seems an uneven fight, until Marcus literally jumps in with a frying pan. Saya comes to and joins the fighting, finally getting retrieving her katana.

Lin holds his own with a sword, while Marcus resorts to climbing on tables and throwing plates. Marcus gets an opening and grabs hold of Saya’s cousin, and she is forced to make a terrible choice. In order to save herself and her friends, she kills her cousin with her katana.

Of course, once the fighting’s done, the monks appear to help. Petra and Viktor are found and taken care of, and afterwards, Marcus finds Saya with a bottle of alcohol on the roof. He tells her that she can talk to him if she wants to.

Having gone through a lot of the same feelings after killing Rory, Marcus can relate. She talks a bit about her cousin, and Marcus and Saya end up sitting together, drinking. Hands almost touching, Marcus closes the distance, and Saya lets him, ending up with their fingers laced together.

Maria’s chance

With Chico gone for two days, Maria approaches Willie asking for help. She needs a passport quickly, and the cartel can’t find out. As the big softie that he is, and sensing her desperation and fear of Chico, Willie helps her.

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Later, he gives her the passport hidden inside a comic book. Maria doesn’t know that Chico is out of detention, so when he surprises her in her room, she has to think fast. Maria slides the passport in her back pocket, and when Chico asks about the comic book, she says it’s for him.

“Look into her eyes.”

Petra and Viktor try to keep each other conscious. Knowing they both might die, Petra tells Viktor a story about her family. When she was a kid, her father started a dark cult and named himself the new messiah.

He quickly brought her mother into the fold, and they completely neglected Petra. One day, while she was looking for food in the fridge, she found a mason jar with her mother’s green eyes in it. Her father scared her, and the jar broke on the floor.

Petra was afraid he would kill her, but instead, he forced her to look into her mother’s eyes as he told her about how he killed her. His lesson to Petra: “Once you see a soul leave, you never fear death.”

Billy needs help

Can everybody please give Billy a break? Billy hears from his younger brother that strange men are hanging around the house, so he goes home to confront his dad. Of course, that doesn’t go well, and his father beats him up. When Billy gets a chance to fight back, he can’t do it.

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Back at King’s Dominion, Marcus comes into Billy’s room to find him bruised and bloody. What follows is the best scene of the show so far. Who’d’ve thought I’d be crying for these characters by the fourth episode? Liam James honestly killed it here.

Billy tells Marcus about his father, and how the reason he is at King’s Dominion is because his father owes the mob a lot of money. They’re preparing him to go work for them and pay off his debt. Now his father’s gotten involved with other bad people.

Then Billy recounts exactly what happened when he confronted his father. There’s no way to fully describe what Billy says or how he says it. This is one scene you just have to watch.

It’s sad to see both Marcus and Billy suffering like this. Marcus lost his father young, and probably wishes everyday that he was still alive. Well Billy, who has grown up with both parents and what should’ve been a normal life, wishes his father was dead. Oh, the irony.

Marcus asks Billy what they can do. His answer? “Take a road trip, to Vegas […] To kill my dad.”

Shabnam’s parents’ surprise

Shabnam’s parents come back from whatever trip they were on to find their house completely trashed. His dad seems a little impressed Shabnam made some friends.

Then they look into the living room and find F***face (that’s really what he’s called), with Shandy, the older guy from the party, naked and chained up next to him. Seriously, this guy’s messed up. He overhears Shabnam’s parents talk about calling his school, and asks them about it, still on the hunt for Marcus.

Next week…

For anyone who has read the graphic novels, we’ve been waiting patiently for next week’s episode. For anyone who hasn’t, well, just you wait.

Season one of Deadly Class airs on SYFY, Wednesdays at 10PM.

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