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‘The Flash’ recap: 5×13 “Goldfaced”

Barry tests the limits on how low he will stoop to stop Cicada.

The Flash season 5 episode 13, “Goldfaced”, aired 5 February 2019.

Have you ever wondered what bad boy Barry would be like? If there is a criminal Barry Allen somewhere out there in another universe?

Look no further, because this week, our pure, sweet, loveable Earth-1 Barry decked out in black and joined the underground!

The boys go low

Cisco and Caitlin believe they have finalised the meta-cure. Caitlin is surprisingly okay with Barry’s intent to enforce it on Cicada. What happened to making a choice?

Problem is, they need some neuro generator thing to administer it to Cicada. Also, the tech was stolen, and the only way to get it is the black market run by the elusive Goldface. Oh, and there isn’t a foolproof way of buying the tech from Goldface and apprehending him at the same time.

Barry hates the idea of paying a criminal AND letting him walk, but Ralph says it is worth it to catch the bigger criminal, Cicada.

the flash barry allen ralph dibny
image: the CW

The guys get into the market without too much of a hitch. Ralph even gets close to Goldface and nearly gets a deal, but Barry makes Goldface suspicious because he is so bad at being bad. Or maybe not – he gets his act together under questioning, and turns out Barry is good at being bad. Everybody say hello to “The Chemist”.


However, Goldface changes the deal – he now hires “The Chemist” and Ralph to assist his gang with stealing an organ-printing 3D printer. Plus, all of Goldface’s men wear meta-dampening cuffs with detonators, leaving the boys powerless.

Ralph becomes concerned with Barry’s increasingly hardened demeanor. As the heist begins, he traps Barry in the transport truck so Barry won’t have to get his hands dirty just to stop Cicada.

Ralph almost goes through with stealing the printer, but falls short when he realises it is intended to print organs for ailing young children. As a result, the other men capture him, but Barry, who’d Macgyvered his way out of the truck, frees him. Together, they storm the building and take out the rest of the gang, making for a really cool action sequence.

the flash barry allen
image: the CW


Then Goldface himself shows up to face Agents Allen and Dibny. He gives them a pounding – and the guys learn where Goldface gets his name. He can absorb gold from his jewellery, similar to Amunet and her alloy.

Goldface almost gets the better of them, but Barry successfully tricks the mobster into electrocuting himself. So much for not having powers!

Investigator Iris

Is Iris West-Allen the most incredible, insanely brave human being? Rhetorical question.

Not to be put off by the lack of progress setting up her paper (and Barry’s limited interior design skills in setting up her office,) Iris decides to investigate Orlin Dwyer. She manages to get his “cousin’s” address – the run down place where Orlin now resides. And she checks the place out. Alone. Damn, girl.

But then Orlin comes home, and Iris somehow still keeps her cool. Like, what? And when she eventually gets caught, she still remains calm and keeps Orlin occupied by questioning him for an “article” about lead poisoning.

the flash iris west west-allen
image: the CW

Of course, Orlin eventually realises she broke in. He chases her around the house and eventually corners her in the kitchen. But Iris waylays him with a kitchen knife and then STABS HIM WITH HER PEN.

By chance, she stabs his injured shoulder, revealing Cicada’s weakness. So even though Barry and Ralph failed to get their tech thingy, they don’t need it no more. Another round of applause for Iris West-Allen!

Barry right now:

image: tumblr

Nora plays matchmaker

The last member of the West-Allen family had her own mission this week. Sherloque is dangerously close to uncovering her secret. Eobard says the way to distract Sherloque is getting him some romance.

Nora sets Sherloque up to meet a woman named Renee Adler. Yes, Adler. The two have an instant connection, but Sherloque scares the woman away by being too observant and deductive.

the flash sherloque wells
image: the CW

Or is he? Nora enlists Sherloque’s ex-wives to help him win over Adler, only to find that they are all Renee Adler from different universes! And now his ex-wives know where he is, so they can chase him for overdue alimony payment. Oh, and apparently Breacher is their inter-dimensional lawyer.

For what it’s worth, Kimberly Paisley does a fair job playing various Renee Adlers simultaneously. This opposite the man who’s played how many Harrison Wellses now? Anyone keeping count?

Eventually, Nora convinces Sherloque to explain and apologise to Earth-1 Renee. The second meeting goes a lot better. However, Sherloque notices Renee is a meta, so he shifts his focus to catching Cicada – and away from Nora.


No standout quotes this week as Cisco is still MIA and Ralph was too busy playing high-stakes laser tag with Barry. Still, it was nice to see a more classic The Flash and Elongated Man friendship shine through this week.

Show over too fast? Keep yourself satisfied with our Pure Fandom Flash Zone for more of The Flash!

(featured image: the CW)


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