‘Good Trouble’ 1×05 recap: “Parental Guidance Suggested”

The Moms are visiting!

Good Trouble episode 1×05 “Parental Guidance Suggested” aired February 5, 2019

The Moms come to visit and no one can keep a single secret from them, like seriously. It’s like a superpower, or is it a curse? Either way, it makes for good television.

The Fosters unapologetically wore it’s heart on its sleeve, especially when it comes to the idea of family. Good Trouble is very much its own show, but The Fosters is inextricably part of its DNA. Bringing Stef and Lena into The Coterie highlights that connection and bring  to the forefront the new found family that Mariana and Callie are building in LA.

Plus, it’s just nice to have Stef and Lena around because they’re the best and they make everything better.

Mom-proof loft

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Before the Mamas arrive, The Coterie needs to be mom-proofed. Mariana goes on a shopping spree to furnish their loft, while Callie scrubs and cleans every bit of The Coterie. It’s their first apartment, they want their mamas to approve. I get it, I’ve been there. In my first LA apartment I finally bought a couch the day before my parents came to visit, it seemed important at the time.

Callie’s worries about the moms disapproving of The Coterie are warranted. This episode embraces comedy in a way that I don’t remember seeing in the The Fosters-verse before. The moment Stef and Lena step out of the elevator the first thing they hear is that the building their daughters live in is “a fire trap”, it doesn’t get better from there.

The subsequent tour around The Coterie is a comedy of errors that confirms Stef’s every fear. No fire extinguishers. A communal bathroom where no one seems to be wearing clothes. The girls have a pee pot in their room, I repeat, a pee pot. Stef freaks out. Callie freaks out. It’s a mess.

Then the Moms, get high. Accidentally, of course.

Mamas on a high

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Stef and Lena each take a cookie from the communal kitchen, only for it to be revealed later that the cookies have cannabis in them. Yes, it’s a trope, but it’s one that delivers the laughs. It’s fun to watch Stef and Lena giggle uncontrollably and wander into other people’s loft. It’s a side of the moms that we rarely get to see, and it’s hilarious.

Stef’s lack of inhibitions make her accept Dennis’s invitation to join his improv class. It does not go well for him. First, he has to explain the concept of “Yes, and…” to her. Once she’s gotten the hang of it Stef uses the class as an opportunity to tell let him know how little she thinks of him.

Dennis, the oldest person here

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Dennis has been the resident of The Coterie that has remained the biggest mystery. Mariana describes him at the start of the episode as “the oldest person here” and a wannabe Rockstar whose groupies tend to be way younger than him. Stef is not a fan.

Stef runs into Dennis in the communal bathroom and apologizes for how she acted during improv, but doesn’t back down from her judgement of him.  And because no one can resists opening up to an Adams Foster mom, Dennis shares his own backstory.

In a truly touching scene, Dennis tells Stef about the life he used to live: he was married, had a corporate job, and a kid. A kid who died from cancer at the age of six.

So yeah, he knows he’s not going to be a Rockstar, this is just his way to deal with his loss. He’s a broken man who feels alone. You can see Stef’s defenses fall with every word and her momma instincts take over. She reminds him that there are people who care for him, she’s seen it, all he has to do is ask.

Good Trouble is centered around Mariana and Callie, and yet in just five episodes, it’s managed to develop it’s supporting cast into well-rounded and interesting characters. Adding layers every episode that hint at a version of this show that’s more of an ensemble.

Team Callie or Team Bryan?

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The Moms couldn’t visit without there being a family dinner, and everyone joins, even Gael. Obviously this is a perfect opportunity for secrets to be revealed. Davia is the MVP of this dinner, meaning she’s out for blood and spilling everyone’s drama.

The Gael, Callie, Bryan love triangle is very much still happening, Davia is #TeamBryan. Mariana, formerly Switzerland stands up for her sister, #TeamCallie.  While Alice just wants a nice family dinner #TeamMoms.

When Jamal’s mom unexpectedly shows up during dinner, Callie has had enough of this disaster dinner and makes a very dramatic exit. It’s Gael who eventually finds her and they both admit that this thing between them is not casual. Why are they not dating? These two are confusing.

Moms are forever

Stef, Lena, Mariana and Callie have a much needed heart to heart. It starts with Mariana and Callie screaming at each other, but it forces them to be honest with their moms. They hate their jobs, and did I mention that Mariana is $20,000 in debt?  She took retail therapy to an extreme.

The scene between the four of them is great and everything you loved and missed from The Fosters. Stef and Lena assure their daughters that they will always be there for them, all they have to do is ask.  Hearing Stef and Lena tell them that they don’t stop being their daughters just because they grow up felt like getting a hug from my own mom.

Lena doesn’t give up

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Good Trouble is unapologetic about the fact that it wants to portray social issues. It’s amazing how it rarely feels like the show is lecturing you. It uses its characters effectively to showcase the issues it wants to highlight and its opinion on those issues.

At the end of The Fosters, Lena decided to run for state assembly. Here she considers dropping out, partly due to pressure from people who see her as too black, too lesbian and too liberal. But also, because of an awful encounter while campaigning where a racist man screamed and spit on her. It’s a horrible scene to watch, and it makes sense that it would break her.

Her family urges her to stay in the race, after all, Adams Foster don’t give up. Malika, who has joined them for this particular heart-t0-heart agrees with them, Lena’s voice is needed now more than ever. Lena decides to stay in the race.

Sadly, the moms have to head back home, but in just one weekend they’ve managed to make everyone in The Coterie fall in love with them. I hope they visit again and give more hugs!

Did you hear the good news? Good Trouble was just to renewed for season 2!

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