‘Electric Love’ Movie Review: A surprisingly hopeful look at love in the digital age

Love isn't dead, it's just gone digital.

The rules of dating certainly have changed over the years, but love remains the same. That’s one of the main messages in the new romantic comedy, Electric Love. AND one undeniable and universal truth – no matter how you you do it, dating kinda sucks.

Synopsis of the movie:

Electric Love follows four couples as they traverse modern dating in Los Angeles utilizing popular dating apps like Tinder and Grindr. Emma (Serafino) and Adam (Mooren) swipe right and fall head first into a passionate relationship, ignoring red flags along the way. Greg (Bush) deals with obstacles in finding a genuine connection on the Grindr scene when a sudden match may have turned his luck around. Electric Love will be your favorite movie of 2019 that may or may not text you back.

Going in, I wasn’t sure I would vibe with a movie about dating apps. I met my husband back in the pre-app days and “missed out” on all of that jazz. What was so surprising about this movie was the heart and the wit woven in. Yes, it was about dating apps, but the core of the story was about the connections you make when you stop focusing on the apps and the electronics (and the pretty much all of the other crap that complicates dating nowadays).

The main couple, Emma (played by a wonderfully charming, Mia Serafino) and Adam (Zachary Mooren) are so endearing and sweet. You will be cheering for them hard, despite their obvious missteps. They are adorable, but the couple that I fell in love with was Greg (Matt Bush) and his winning Grindr match. THEY will make you believe in the power of love and give you all the warm fuzzies.

This film won many awards and it was easy to see why – the writing. The acting was great and felt super authentic, but the way the script is written was so refreshing. It’s without the stereotypes of a the Rom-Coms are grew up on is such a nice change of pace.

Electric Love touches on the superficial, electronic era and how we need to communicate better, but, at it’s core, it’s truly a movie about how love always starts with a leap of faith. When you swipe and match, you are taking a leap that requires an unearned level of trust that the person you are meeting isn’t a serial killer or William (a hilarious Kyle Howard). This is true of any date really, regardless of how you meet!

This movie does an excellent job of swiping away the stigma of dating apps and reminding us that – regardless of how you start it – dating is about hope. If you are looking for a movie to give you dating hope in the digital age, Electronic Love is for you!

We swipe right on Electric Love!

Electric Love is available on demand platforms, DVD, and Blu-ray nationwide.


Meg Bonney

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