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‘Arrow’ 7×12: The 5 best moments from “Emerald Archer”

The great thing about this documentary format is we get to see candid interviews. No interpretations of what we think the character would say. The crew asks, and they speak their truth. No bullsh*t required.

Quentin was conflicted. Sara wanted to protect people from the pain of losing a loved one. Sin was grateful for the positive impact vigilantes had on her life. Thea believed everyone had the right to protect themselves. Each testimonial was wonderfully in character, and I’ve missed these people in my Arrow episodes.

But what were the top 5 moments from Arrow‘s 150th? Let’s find out:

#5 “Now my life has… it’s never been better”

Oliver is embracing the positive effects that being outed has had on his life, and it’s nice to see. He’s now married, and able to speak candidly about his views regarding vigilantes in way he couldn’t when he was just any old lying politician.


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#4 Seeing familiar faces

From Barry, Rory, Thea, Sin, Roy (kind of), Sara, and Quentin, we got a lot of goodies. Especially Quentin. I miss that guy.

#3 Mia and Connor

So they tricked us. They didn’t want to say her name was Mia for obvious reasons. And they will do a full on Mia and JJ/Connor romance (I mean I hope, please, it would be so good)!

#2 Felicity calling vigilantes heroes

Felicity was just delightful this episode, but a highlight was when she wanted everyone to be recognized as heroes. We also felt for her when she trying to “mom” the best way she could.

#1 Overwatch

It’s been too long. Seriously. Never deprive me of the joy Felicity gets when she’s being Overwatch. Never again.

Some not so great moments…

  • John saying “we had each others backs [while Oliver was in prison].” Because, no Diggle, you didn’t have Felicity’s back. You didn’t even help. I’ve decided what he meant is “I had Felicity’s back by telling her she’s getting a little dark and twisty.” Even though thats not FULLY having her back.
  • Felicity’s scenes were great… by why did they sequester her to the B storyline? She’s 1/3 of OTA. A little more recognition of how integral she is would have been nice… in the 150th episode. I ask for so little.
  • The John/Oliver scenes were great. But we needed more OTA. Again, where’s Felicity?
  • Bad move not letting William to come home for Christmas. The crossover shenanigans happened in the beginning of December, so, why couldn’t he come home? Just so William’s angst made sense? Okay.

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