‘Russian Doll’ 1×01 recap: ‘Nothing in This World is Easy’

Netflix's new eight part series starts on a high note!

Russian Doll debuted on Netflix on Feb. 1, 2019.

If you wasn’t already in love with Natasha Lyonne, in her role as Nicky in Orange is the New Black, then be prepared to be obsessed with her, as she takes us on an eight-part series (lasting between 20-30 minutes long) journey to her death, over and over again.

The metaphor behind the Russian Doll really is one that holds a high amount of importance to the creepy disillusionment that begins to happen to Nadia, as she reaches her 36th birthday and realises that it’s pretty much impossible to break out of the life she has become settled in and until she lets go, she will be stuck in this loop of dying and coming back to life for eternity.

Nadia Vulvokov is a loud and boisterous New Yorker, who everybody seems to adore to the point in which they throw a massive 36th birthday party for her in a fancy penthouse in the neighborhood of Alphabet City. However, with her two best friends and a penthouse jam packed full of her people that want to celebrate her existence, Nadia is somewhat of a loner and we soon realize that she pushes people away quite easily, even those who insist that they want to be a part of her life. The only thing on her mind and the only thing we know she truly loves is her cat, Oatmeal, who has been missing for three days.

The question is… how many times can you celebrate your own existence without becoming driven completely and utterly out of your mind?

During episode one, Nadia is seen walking the streets of New York late Monday night/early Tuesday morning, after a one night stand with some guy at her party and happens to come across Oatmeal. When she begins to cross the road and is viciously hit by a car, Nadia finds herself back in the bathroom of her best friends apartment where the episode first begun. The universe has triggered a new beginning for her, but now she needs to figure out what the universe is trying to tell her.

She re-enters her birthday party, as every movement, every word spoken, is repeated to her – in all normality, she immediately blames the cocaine that she’s been taking for making her feel crazy, but then other things start to occur. Things that didn’t happen the first time around.

The first night of her birthday, Nadia was seen speaking to the man she had a one night stand with, Mike, and she was staring at a fish tank that held eight fishes. After her first death, this scene is repeated, however there are only two fish in the tank – Ketchup and Mustard.

The second time around she sits down with Ruth and tells her that she has experienced this night once already, however talking to Ruth at her party is new and didn’t happen the first time.

She then bumps in to her ex-boyfriend of six months, John, in which she completely opens up to him and explains that she has died and come back to life – not hypothetically – for real. Although it takes some convincing and due to the fact he’s still in love with her, John accepts what she is saying and decides to walk her home.

During their walk home, Nadia believes that she recognizes the homeless man – which makes for one of my favorite scenes ever – but it could just be down to the fact that she saw him on her first night before she died.

Nadia also see’s Oatmeal again, running in to the road and almost getting hit by another car. After her and John have a fight about him not being invited to her birthday party (seriously John, are you a little girl?), Nadia goes her separate way and seeks out her cat.

Finally reunited with Oatmeal, Nadia holds him for a while until all of a sudden, he vanishes from her arms?? Seriously, what loophole is she in!? How does a cat just vanish out of thin air? In a surge of anger, Nadia falls back off the bench and in to deep water, where she drowns, dies and finds herself once again, back in her best friend’s bathroom.

Nadia freaks the f**k out again and storms off to find out what the hell is in that cocaine, because she is losing it. Her best friend, Maxine, calls her a cockroach (p.s. Natasha Lyonne saying cockroach is THE BEST THING EVER) which means that she can “eat anything, take anything, do anything” and that it’s impossible to destroy her. According to Maxine, Nadia can never die.

And queue the hysterical laughing from Nadia over the irony.

When Maxine tells Nadia to leave, she bumps in to Mike on the stairs and nearly knocks the two of them down, which means this recap is up and in episode two, we will learn all about those damn stairs.

For real though, Natasha is absolutely outstanding from start to finish. She can never ever do no wrong. She is an absolute masterpiece and so is this show. If you still haven’t fallen for this incredible woman, hear me out. Not only does she star in ‘Russian Doll’ as the female lead, but she also created, wrote, directed and produced this series. SHE IS A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!! *Drop’s mic*

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