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Reflecting on 150 episodes: What does ‘Arrow’ mean to you?

In honor of Arrow‘s 150th episode premiere, the wonderful Arrow writers posed a question to all of the fans: What does Arrow mean to you? And a lot of us took to Twitter to explain just that!

Of course, there were many more fantastic responses to #WhatArrowMeansToMe, so go check out the hashtag on Twitter to get caught up on all the fandom feels!

What does Arrow mean to me?

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least try to articulate what Arrow has meant to me, so here is goes:

Arrow means late nights and coffee breath.

Trying not to theorize while I’m studying.

Dreaming about archers and hackers.

Writing, then erasing, then writing again.

Being cranky I can’t watch live, and being overjoyed when I can.

Rewinding every smile, kiss, laugh, hug, touch, and speech.

Laughing at my Olicity centered YouTube suggestions.

Reading reviews, listening to podcasts, watching interviews.

Feeling badass with every arrow, hack, and punch.

Wishing I was friends with Felicity Smoak.

Having the privilege of a platform to write recaps and reviews.

Emmense gratitude.

Are you excited for the 150th episode? Because we are! Be sure to catch it on Monday, February 4, at 8 PM on The CW.



Lynsey is a proud Hufflepuff. Find her watching anything from BoJack Horseman to Grey's Anatomy. She loves to read... especially if it features dragons and a good cry. If you ask her what she's doing she will most likely respond "I probably should be writing." Find her on Twitter, to theorize, geek out, and to obsess about Olicity.

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